Things You Can Send to Them

My son was in the Marines and his troop was the first troop in Iraq, I seen him on TV when all the hopla was going on when they took the statue down in Bagdad.  My son was asked to do it because of his psoition but he was tired and asked one of his guys to do it instead.  LOL  If he had only known what attention he would have had..

Anyway, but while he was in the war zone we were allowed to send stuff to them and when he came home he said it was the best day of his life when he recieved a package from home with a bunch of goodies.

So I though if any of you mothers are planing to send stuff to you Military men we could pull together and find some thing they would love..


I sent...

Focaccia bread:   ( Sold in packages, it doesn't need refrigeration)

Salami:   (sold also in packages that don't need refrigeration)  These two were his favorite along with some cheese spread, all the guys wanted some of it. so I sent loads for him to share.

Dried fruits: mixed,

Dried meats, such as Pepproni sticks (find at deli's) beef jerky etc.

Canned specialties such as patè, corned beef, shelf-stable hams, anchovies, shrimp, dips, and cracker spreads make nice treats, cheese spread in a can (no glass is allowed because of breakage.)

Cookies, Hard Candy, jellies, gummie bears, candy bars,  (have to think about the desert heat with cholocate), crackers, pretzels, nut's, trail mixes, licorice, red vines, fudge, pralines, and toffee.

Top ramen, and other low mein noodles just add water kind. 

Dehydrated soups and fruit drink mixes are lightweight and safe to mail. Campbells noodle soups, ready to serve soups are hevy so may run up the shipping bill.

High-moisture baked goods such as pumpkin bread

Instant tea's, soft drink mixes with sugar.

Jiffy pop or pre-popped pop corn (but take up alot of room)

Regional condiments such as hot sauce and Cajun seasonings in packets are useful for spicing up Meals Ready to Eat (MREs).

Also canned salsa with some chips.

If you can think of anything else please sen you foo suggestions on over..

Non-Food items

  • Phone cards - Not every unit has access to phones, so only send phone cards if requested
  • Toiletries - Dedorant, sunscreen, good lotion, cologne (because they stink a lot when out),  Wipes (they love these to freshen up when they are out on op's or in the warzone), gum, mouth wash, nail clippers, toe nail clippers, lip balm chapped stick, vaseline.
  • Cold remedies, cough syrup, advil, allergy relief tablets,
  • Books, magazines, DVDs, CDs and other entertainment items. word search, sudouku, puzzles etc. 
  • They say don't send ****, but all the guys want it, I never sent any, but my son said it's worth a lot over there and it's often used as a barter tool and more : ) So is chewing tobacco because theya re not allowed to smoke.

  • Sunglasses, hankies (big enough to wrap around their head out in the desert.
  • Clean underware, & socks, provided they are military issue and allowed.
  • If you think of anything else please add..



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    Now keep in mind this is a list for Military in active duty and not for those at Boot camp that is a whole other story. Because they are not allowed so many things while in training.. No gum not to many sweets and they encourage if your wanting to send your Marine Items make them dried fruits, trail mix anything healthy, plus they will be forced to share whatever you send to them at boot camp with all their troop members.. So send enough for a whole troop when and if you do send anything..

    Yes this is LOVE in another form.. I forgot to mention one thing.. My daughters work at the time my son was in the Marines right after the war broke out, sent him a basketball hoop and ball, my son said they appreciated that so much to be able to forget about worries and life for a few minutes playing a good game of basket ball. <br />
    <br />
    Of course this stuff gets left behind but at least you know someone at sometimes will be using it and enjoying life for a few moments..

    This is how we actively show our support and gratitude. Thank you for the ideas!<br />
    Good job, Mom!

    Your a great Mom! he is so lucky to have you! ((HUGS))