For All My Fellow Spouses And Those Who Just Don't Seem To Notice

To all those who don't seem to notice. Being a military wife/ husband is a hard job on its own. Even more a military wife/ husband with kids. Just remember behind everyone of the strong, brave men/ women There is a strong brave family behind him. We sacrifice and give to this country too. God bless all our military and their families. Ladies... Gentlemen who support our troops day in and day out. Who live with and love our troops. Who miss them when they deploy. Who wait for them to return home. Who fear they might not. Thank you and may God bless. You are not alone. There is an army behind our army. We are a catagory all our won. We shall love each other as the family we are. We are Military Wives/ Husbands. And we are strong

ymoren21 ymoren21
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012