Hi! Im New And Here Is My Story.

I was in a relationship with a soldier in the U.S airforce for 3 years before being married. We lived in seperate countries and he deployed 4 times while we were together. Each day was hard but we made it through 4 deployments. We talked on a regular basis. We sent each other emails every day. We ended up getting married. and then things turned sour. Im not quite sure what went wrong, but our marriage failed. Well here i am again. Getting married to another soldier in the U.S Airforce. He is currently stationed in Hurlburt Field Florida. He is training to be a Sensor Operator on an AC-130. And i am so proud of him. We lived together for 7 months. And then i had to come back to Australia due to visa issues. We have been apart since Feb 20th of this year. It looks like i will be with him by December. And then he leaves on deployment for 3 months in January. I miss him so much. 
katejudith katejudith
Jul 15, 2010