my husband is going on his frist deployment an im so scared. i dont know anyone that has been through this an have no one to talk to.
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Elynne, I can not say I know what you are going through, because I was separated from my wife and family for four combat tours, the last three, being in Baghdad, on my last tour year tour, training the Iraqi Army, ten miles away from the nearest U.S. ba<x>se was a diificult one, especially in the last year where my son--in-law was there with me. I got back from my last Baghdad tour in March of 2006, Steven got back to his family about 6 months before I did, all of my last three tours I was there as an army E-8 MSG. I was involved in everything related to developing new Iraqi soldiers. I was also 1 of 2 main convoy gunners for most of my toursThe last year of my tour, with both Steven and I gone, my wife moved in with my daughter, so that they could support each other, currently, Steven is back over there again, works with an Apache helicopter unit, he has been gone almost a year, but, is to be back home within two months, please ask me anything, maybe, I can help you to understand some of you husbands activities within a combat zone. If you could tell me what service he is in, or the type of skills that he has been trained in, I might be of more help, I have worked and qualified in 13 different military skills, I would love to help you as much as I can, your friend<br />
MSG ret Leum/John

wlling to talk<br />
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just different war for me but i was also the husband of a USMC cpl when she was killed viet nam i was us navy

its not that bad... i've been on 5 getting ready for 6th. my wife doesn't like them but we get thru it.. i'm stationed in pendleton if you have any concerns about deployment or anything else for that matter, hit me up on YIM ihatework23