Im A Young Mom And Just Found Out My Fiance is Getting Deployed

My name is Lacey and my fiance Brandon is getting deployed in May and we have a baby due in January and I have never been though something like this im scared because I have to raise our little guy by myself and I don't if i can do it by myself but im not going to leave Brandon over it I love him with all my heart and want to be there to support him but not sure how to be a army wife and not sure how to deal with this i want to support him but its hard with our baby on the way and me being new at this.
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I Personally have yet to deal deployment....but...theres something in you that WANTS to be strong for your man...its not something you can plan ahead of time...its something that you just gain through experience.Especially since you have alittle one on the way. You can do this through the support of friends, family, and even the women on this site :) I am also new to this life and it is scary not knowing whats next but all we can do is stand strong next to our man

Its true and the weird thing is I don't think I would have the strength that I have today if I didn't have a baby on the way.

Trust me no one thinks they do until they go through with it themselves lol but you can do this :) our significant others may be in different branches but ive come to realize that us the spouses feel the same. If you need a friend im usually on here :)

Thank you that means a lot cuz I don't have a lot of people who understand what I'm going through and I don't know a whole lot of people who have spouses in the army so its nice to have someone to relate to :)

No problem. I don't really know any one, else either. What,branch is your Fiance in?

Army National Guard

Oh awesome my husband is in the marine corps :)

That's really cool he's been teaching me to cook since he is leaving in a couple of months I made sloppy Joe's by my self last night lol

Lol yeah that's definitely something i need to learn how to do! Thats great that hes teaching you what he likes lol Bryan will litterly eat anything! I have to cook for like 4 people even though its just us two cuz he eats so freken much!

Lol sounds like Brandon and with me being pregnant I feel like I eat every hour almost

How far along are you in your pregnancy?? I bet thats so exciting! Bryan is getting baby fever but we're going to wait a while

Almost seven months its very exciting lol u want to wait for when ur ready cuz its hard but fun me and Brandon weren't ready but we both wanted one so bad

I bet your going to be soo busy once the baby is born :)

Well with Brandon leaving in may I hope I am so it will take my mind off of him being gone

Im sure it will. Ive heard of spouses starting up blogs where they post things so while hes gone he doesn't miss out on some things and can see the baby

Wow that's really cool I'm going to pics and videos of everything he does for Brandon

He will definitely appreciate that :)

I know when i told him that he said you better lol we are even going to use Skype so Carter can see his daddy live

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