What Would You Say?

Long story short...my husband and I chose to have the kids And I to stay back in our hometown while he stays with a friend until he ETSs', we agreed he would come home whenever he could...when he couldn't he would obviously stay there. Now it seems that when he's there he's always at the bar with this friend,whom by the way is recently single, my question is how long can I deal with this? We have four kids...the youngest being 3 months. I can deal with the fact of me not going out,not like I ever had the chance, but how can I say anything without me sounding like I'm nagging.
WifelastArmyfirst WifelastArmyfirst
2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

I've done that....I've listened...being understanding thinking he had a long day at work but come on guy!! I don't complain about anything having to do with the household...I know it's what I chose. I had asked him if he could understand where I was coming from, he said yes I can and I'm sorry but than still goes out with his friends. It makes me wonder if this, our marriage of twelve years and our children are even worth being put on the back burner just so he can have "fun".

Start out by talking about his day and then talk about yours, if he say hes going out with the guys tonight that is your chance to let him know how you've been feeling lately about it. There is no proper way of saying it in a nice way, you just say it, your fed up and If he brushes it off, Its time for you to put him in your shoes.