Used to Be a Sailor, Now I Am Married to One

I met my husband while we were bothe stationed together. We got together and three months later, I found out I was pregnant. I figured he would bolt since we had not been togethr that long. I was 24 at the time and I knew I could have the baby and take care of him by myself, so I gave the daddy the option of staying or going, no strings attached. he decided to stay. He says he loved me from the minute he met me and the baby was just a plus. After two years of "living in sin," we were both up for orders and we ended up getting married just so that one of us could stay home with the baby. I went out to sea for four months and I realized that I REALLY missed the baby. I chose not to re-enlist but my husband decided to go the whole way. He is in his 11th year now and we are hoping he'll put on his chief's anchors by next year. This last duty station, he was supposed to be on shore for three years so we decided to add to the family. We have a gorgeous baby girl now. Unfortunately, the Navy does not understand our careful planning. We were thinking that with him being on shore for three years, this would be a good time for a baby, since he would be home and could help me. Now he is on his way to Iraq for 6 months and I am left with the whole shebang. Many people ask how I can deal with it. I don't know how this one is going to end up. I am not "feeling" it. Before, it was like an "on/off" switch. I turn off the part of me that needs to feel like a wife and turn the mom and ***** part way ON. I think I finally broke the's not working so well this time around....
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i used to be in the Navy would not trade it for the world, westpac twice, Married a filipeana going on 18 yrs now.<br />
look for a book from roger Callahan Tapping within yourself. this book teaches you to release stress and blockages in your body .

Sweetheart, I understand. I am a Navy wife as well, and am not looking forward to deployment time either....and how to explain it to my 2 year old?? Hang in there, and if you need to talk-messege me!

I think that if you can handle your husband being gone out to sea. then you are up for anything.