Military Life Is Not Easy

I have been a military wife for a long time,and honestly it doesn't get any easier.The difference between now and the begining is that you get used to it,meaning being alone. Nobody can ever say that a military wife is not a strong woman.My husband has been deployed 6 times,and our marriage gets stronger and stronger.The one thing that i cant stand is an unfaithful military wife,all i have to say is why get married to a man in the military if you cant stick it out if he gets deployed,because hello! he will be deployed!!!!! I am very proud of my husband and everything he has done for our country. If he gets deployed 50 more times I would still be here waiting for him,he is the love of my life. 
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well said

Being faithful isnt an issue thats a given. Our issue is when he comes bavk from deployment and is a total *** to me. Not apreciating anything i did alone w the kids. He cant blame it on war- he wasnt in any combat situation while there, more like a cubicle working on electrical devices. While i appreviate him he doesnt appreciate me, i work full time and have kids in extra curricular activities. Is the house perfectly clean. Nope. And if thats what he wants we could easily hire a house keeper but in his mind i should do it- but he doesnt help. Im not superwoman. He also doesnt desire me anymore & has health issues and doesnt seem to care about any of it. I think we will fit into the group that gets a divorce when the kids leave home or he retires. He is an insensitive mean person whi is cynical and loves dwelling on anyone eles faults except his own. Unless a miracle overtakes him in counseling or a relization ... We are about done. I fully supported, sacraficed my carrer my life to follow him around the world and I ended up w/ a thankless withholding of any affection type of man.

I am a x-air force wife and my husband is a contractor in Iraq and I recently found out that he cheated on me with some one in the Army. Now I get sick to my stomach whenever I see a female soldier **** all of this military **** **** deployments you should never be away from your partner. Wives are not the only ones who cheat they run around like ***** too I will always be hurt from this.

your man is luck to have you,you sound like a strong women!! I completely agree with you!!! I haven't been an army wife long but my hubby is about to deploy soon & I'll faithfully wait for him every time. and I hate to hear about the sad stories where the wives cheat on there husbands while they are fighting for our country.

I also agree. My Marine and I have been married for 3 years and together for 7. He is currently deployed and I miss him so much and am very sexually deprived but I would NEVER cheat on him. I do however believe that he is cheating on me......

And this means he doesn't respect you or your commitment to your marriage. Maybe you should re-think your loyalty to him.

I feel the same way I've been married to my Marine for 11 1/2 years...He's going on his 3rd deployment and it doesn't get eaiser you just get stronger you have to, for him, your children and yourself...

Your so awesome! I look up to woman strong woman like yourself! I love my husband and would never cheat on him. He is deployed and we are both sexually deprived but that doesn't come into play when he gets home!!!:)

6 deployments! WOW! Kudos go to you. I'm working on my first deployment, and it is so hard. Your man is so lucky to have someone as dedicated as you. I'm glad to see that so many other wives share the same views on being a faithful military wife. and Mj915 that is a great story.

Before we got married, my angelsweet, love of my life and I had a long talk about how anything worth having is never easy. I can't imagine ever wanting anyone else..... I actually remember when we first got to Germany a bout five years ago and we were still staying in lodging, a new friend of mine took me up to the PX to pick up some diapers. As we were walking towards it, I saw a group of soldiers coming down the stairs and one of them made my breath catch in my throat. I immediately felt shocked and guilty that I had had such a reaction to another man...then, it was with great joy and relief that I realized that it was my husband! I could never cheat on would be a betrayal to our whole family.

I agree with you!! I am a military wife and I have a friend well not so much anymore she cheated I hate what she did expecally since her husband does not know and his friends will not tell him she got prego and got an abbortion yeah I HATE that but that is on her I can not stand a women or man that cheats!!! you are so true why get married if all your going to do is cheat and another thing if you can not handle the fact that your husband is in the military why get married to him I agree with you 100% I am so glad to see that there are some of us true wifes out there still!!!! well Spouses b/c some times it is the one that is gone that cheats!!

I'm not a military wife, but even has his girlfriend I feel the same way, I love him and I wouldn't ever think about cheating on him and it disgusts' me to think about the women out there who cheat on their military men, because their there fighting for your protection. This is the first time my man been deployed and its heartbreaking to be so far and so long apart from him, but I know if we make it through this we'll be the better for it.

i am going through my first deployment and my friends ask me how do i it. and i simply reply i love him and i knew what i was getting into when we got together.

I totally agree with you. Military wives who are unfaithful make me so mad. They have enough to worry about without someone cheating back home.

im not married yet .. and im only 18 and every other time i get asked why are you waiting your so young, but just because im young doesnt mean i have to give up what i know i have to have fun . i love my boyfriend and im pround of him and not a lot of women can say that about their husbands or boyfriends at my age .. and ill always be here for him because just like i know he keeps me strong i keep him strong and army wives are the strongest women out there. no doubt about that one

I feel the same way you do. i will be there for my husband no matter how long he is gone. thats what a true wife is suppose to do.

He's a lucky man to have you. I was the victim of one of the bad wives. I hope you have along and great marriage together. thanks for your sacrifices in supporting one of soldiers.