My Husband Is Considering Joining the Marines - Any Advice?

Hi all,

I'm brand new to this website.  I've been looking for a place where I could talk to women whose husbands are in the military (esp. the Marines) because my husband is considering joining. 

We will be married for 1 year in September and just had a baby this summer.  My husband wouldn't be joining the infantry so he wouldn't necessarily get deployed but of course you never know; nothing is for sure. 

My parents are concerned about him joining b/c it will be another major change for us (we've had quite a few big changes since getting married already - having a baby being one!) and they're concerned about the environment that we'll be living in and raising our family in. 

I would like to hear what your opinions are about being a military wife or military family.  What do you consider to be the pros and cons?  Do you think it's a less-than-desirable environment to raise a family in?  Do you sometimes feel like you're in the military yourself b/c of your husband being told what to do, where to go, etc.? 

Also, my husband and I are very religous and would like to stay active in our church (we're Catholic).  Are there churches on base that we (or at least I) can be involved in?

Many, many thanks for any input you can give me. 




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I am a retired SFC/E-7 Infantry and have a Korean wife of 28yrs; we raised a son and daughter and our Son became a Marine Grunt 0311; fought in Fallujah and was wounded in house to house fighting; lost many Marine brothers and the Marine Corps is a brotherhood like no other; 3rd Marine regt CO Col JJ Patterson updated me and the Corps takes care of their Marines and their Families are proud; a salute to all Mlitary wives ; travel and a nice check; and 25 bucks for delivery of our Son and Daughter! God Bless our Military and Families!

The Marines are a family like no other. No matter what branch of service your in at times like this 9 out of 10 your husband will be deployed no matter what the (mos). I'm reenlisting in the marines this time i am married and my wife has no idea about the marine life. its only as hard as you make it. If you adapt to change well it wont be that hard. The thing is that the marine corps will help the wife and family as long as the wife is willing to help them selves. By that i mean that most of the extra pay you receive while your husband is gone you have to go and get your self.(go fill out the paper work or you wont get it. Dont be scared to go get it on your own if you are you wont get it.) Good luck and if you have any more questions feel free to ask

Well I am an Infantry Company Commanders wife and as of last night we are on our THIRD 12 month deployment. No matter the rank, mos, or branch of service every wife's job is difficult. Just think of the national guards who thought they had a every other weekend job. Time will be your major sacrifice. You must be independent and make your own decisions and if they are wrong your soldier will deal with it. You go to single parent status overnight. Hang in there it gets better but never easier

I am a Catholic as well as a 17 year Marine Wife, let me just tell you your husband if he joins the Marine Corps make no mistake, He will deploy! Its a good life and one that I have no regrets about. My family has traveled the world and experienced new things. I love our life, there is good and bad in everything. Some people are not cut out for this life. Now if you are the Marine Corps offers alot. Your family will have stability and benefits, as well as having the opportunity to meet great people. The Marine Corps is your family away from home. We always take care of our own. Your young and have a baby so I can imagine it would be extremely difficult to manage all the changes that will come your way. You can also speak with any Marine Corps recruiter and ask as many questions as you will like. It you choose to join then take advantage of the many classes that they offer new wives.

hi i am very new to this also my husband and i got married in may and we lived off base in ny at fort drum i lwas very nervous i woildnt like it but i met alot of very nice army wives my husband is in infantry and he was deployed in sept for 15 months so your husband has a great chance of being deployed it is very hard but i still stay in contact with all the other wives it was the hardest thing i ever had to do was letting my husband leave for iraq i pray everyday for him and all the other soldiers there are churches on base you most likely would be living off base thats what we did we couldnt get on base my husband graduated from bootcamp on march 16th last yr and then was sent to ny in april i was glad we got ny becaus ei live in ma so it was really close to home i had never lived out of my parents house so i was scared but i loved it and would do anything to have him back and go back to ny...let me know wat you think is he going to join my husband joind when he was 30 so he is older and im 29 its very hard but you will have alot of support but i thought my husband wouldnt be deployed and he was right away and its horrible but he calls sometimes as much as he can good luck

my husband was National Guard for a year went Active Duty 2 mo ago we will be married a year in Frb, together 6 with a 7mo old baby and he leaves for Iraq in three weeks. He is not infantry and in way out in the wire, but still going. I would really have things figured out and be ready for him to go if he joins.

Just an update... my husband did join the Delayed Entry Program. He'll be leaving for bootcamp at the end of January, which will give him time to prepare and get in better shape and will also let us spend Christmas together. He'll be back just in time for our baby's first birthday too, so that'll be good. I'm really excited for him and am excited too for what's in store for us - where we'll get to live, new people we'll meet, etc. But I'm also nervous about all the change too! Thanks for the latest comments!

hello i am alysia from florida my husband has left for boot camp and its tough

Thank you both for your comments! I have also heard from others that no matter what MOS he is in, he will most likely be deployed. <br />
<br />
usmarineswifee, did you live on a base when you were overseas? What was that like? <br />
<br />
It sounds like there is a lot of support from the other wives on base. Has that been your experience as well?

Well I can say as a Marine's wife, we've had some amazing times and we've had some awful times...all thanks to the Corps. Would I change any of it, not for anything in the world. I agree with what the last comment was...if he joins as a Marine, he WILL go to Iraq regardless of his MOS (job). Trust me, my husband is in Legislative Affairs (legal) and he's on his way over in October. <br />
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As for the life, as I've said, I love it and wouldn't really want our son growing up any other way. He's 6 and has already live in another country, can speak 2 other languages besides English and it's all because we were blessed to go overseas. Now, understand, if he join, you join, so yes, you will be joining the MC just as much as he is because for every trial and tribulation he goes through, you will go through it with him. As they say...Marine Wife...toughest Job in the Corps.

Yes, there are churches on base or very near by. Honestly, if he joins the Marines, he will go to iraq. Not only will he have to adjust and do well, but you will also. Military caused my first divorce, my wife couldn't handle it, life style, my being gone so much, being so far away from her family, etc. Basicilly was not the lifestyle she wanted (even though she knew that's what we were going to do) - and I was an officer. Its a tough life, but very rewarding for both of you.