Marrying a Us Soldier

I am engaged to marry the man of my dreams. He is in the United States Army and stationed in korea right now. I miss him terribly and i am basically planning the wedding on my own . He wont be home until 2 weeks before the wedding. We wont know where he is gonna be stationed until shortly before he comes home . So it doesnt leave us much time after the wedding before we are off to start our life . I cant wait to marry my fiancee and am looking for any advice anyone is willing to share.

Aaronsgirl2009 Aaronsgirl2009 31-35 2 Responses Jan 15, 2009

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Hey, I am in a similar situation right now and my fiancee is getting deployed to Korea. Can you please sgare your experience with me?

things will fall together because LOVE WILL CONQUER ALL..

so dont worry everything will be okay!