Would You Wear a Pin?

Do you think the Armed Services should give "pin" or plaque to spouses for time served with thier service member? Say you have been married for 15 years he is in for 10 and a 10 year pin is given to the spouse as a thank you for his/her time? Is this a good idea or a bad idea? What are your thoughts?

Frogs2010 Frogs2010
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3 Responses Jan 29, 2009

Yes I think they should... I mean I may not sacrafice the same way my husband might sacrafice but I still do. I go without him on holidays,birthdays and so on. I keep the family unit going when he is not there. I deal with the fact that I will never get tenure or have a job for more than 3 years. I will never have my own anything. I love my husband.

No, I know of no medals.

i think it is a good idea i actuall think they have spouse medals i could be wrong though im not too sure