I Miss Him So Much!


 My name is Justina and I am a Marine Wife. Im 21 years old and me and my husband got married october 18th of 2008 and he was recently activated in December. Right now he is Californis training. He will be leaving for Iraq in April. We have 2 children. A girl that is 5 months old and a boy that is 4 years old. And im so depressed and I dont know how to get through this. I really dont have any friends and only a little bit of family and its really hard. So if any one could explain to me how to try to get thru this please help!!! thank you.



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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

sweetheart its going to be hard but you just have to do things to keep yourself busy. and you have to keep a positive attitude about everything because you will be the rock if everything, the one who holds everything together.<br />
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if you ever need to talk i am here for you=] and remember i am just a message away!

aawwwww SWEETIE, IT'S A DAY BY DAY THING!!!<br />
It's hard I am NOT going to lie to you! BUT YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH, and it will make you an even stronger wife, mother and all around woman!<br />
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We are hear for ya ( big help when you feel your the only one and alone) we all understand because we are going through the same thing one way or another!)<br />
<br />
Welcome! and call on me anythime!