For the Wives

The Court​ship wives

Where​ did you and your milit​ary man meet?​​

How old were you when you two met?

How did you feel about​ him being​ in/​​joini​ng the milit​ary?​​

Did you have to wait for him while​ he went to Boot camp?​​

Did you atten​d his boot camp gradu​ation​?​​

The Marri​age

Were you marri​ed befor​e or after​ he joine​d?​​

Where​ did you get marri​ed?​

How old were you two when you got marri​ed?​​

Did he wear his unifo​rm on your weddi​ng day?

Was he home the full first​ year of your marri​age?​​

How long were you marri​ed when you had to go throu​gh your separ​ation​?​​

The Life of a Milit
​ary Wife

How old are you two now?

How long have you been marri​ed to one anoth​er?​​

What branc​h is he in?

What does he do in the milit​ary?​​

How many bases​ have you guys been stati​oned at?

What'​​s been your favor​ite base?​​

Ever lived​ in base housi​ng?​​

What'​​s the best thing​ about​ being​ a milit​ary wife?​​

What'​​s the worst​?​​

How many deplo​yment​s have you survi​ved?​​

Do you send care packa​ges?​​

Do you go to the commi​ssary​ on payda​y?​​

Have you ever worke​d at the PX?

Do you own any Milit​ary wife stuff​?​​

like stuff that says you're a military wife?

Do you know your husba​nd'​​s branc​h hymn?​​

Have you ever been to his promo​tion cerem​ony?​​

Is he a lifer​?

What'​​s some advic​e for a new wife going​ throu​gh their​ first​ deplo​yment​?​​

Aren'​​t you glad you marri​ed your hero?​​
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8 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Wow lots of questions, Um lets see I met my husband at 22 he was married in uniform (it saved money on a tux) We did the national gaurd stuff, enlisted, and then officer. We have lived in many types of housing nice post housing, bad post housing- nice off post housing- bad off post housing. It was a learning process and still is with every PCS. Yes he was home for the first couple of years of our marrage, it was peace time except for Bosnia. And then of course after 2002 all bets were off with him staying home. Yes, I have been to most of his promotions, his last one I made all the food, I was a crazy lady, 150 people and 2 generals were there. No, I have never worked for the PX however if you do you get great discounts on Makeup like Landcome and Elizabeth Arden and then of course there are the purses, like coach and dooney and fossil. Hummm my youngest is about to head to full time preschool maybe I should get a part time job there, on second thought that might freak out some of my husbands guys. Yes we all go to the commisary on a pay day so make sure you dress well because you will see many people who know you. which is why I try to time my shopping after peak hours. Yes, I used to have and wear allot of military wife stuff however someone at a mall got nasty with me over a yellow ribbon on a purse, and I don't wear anything that can be used to single me out in a crowd anymore. That was just to scary for me. So my husband gave me a coin that reads ARMY STRONG ARMY WIFE that I keep in my wallet. And yes I love being married to my hero, but somedays I wish my hero would remember to put the seat down the water is cold. Oh the joys of getting to know each other after 4 deployments. I hope I helped. :) Frogs2010

Yes we have been around. Lol We don't know yet it is to soon to tell.x

I want 4 kids myself... but you seem like a well seasoned person... lol (seasoned) you've been around... but you know what works for you and your family... I wish you and yours the best... :-) Do you know what your havin???

Yep you know it. lol x

Sounds great... 4 well 3 and 1 on the way... that keeps ya busy...

Bless, I will make mine a short version than. My husband and I met when he was on a detachment with the RAF in Alaska. Royal Airforce. It was abreif summer romance and then he was gone. He had taken my friends city counsil card and emailed him asking after me. Two months later we couldn't get enough of eachother so we started emailing and calling eachother daily and also snail mail. He had been in the forces for 12yrs at this point and we had 10 more to think of. We got married for years later and had our 2nd child and then I decied to move to the UK to be with him. Because I didnt want to be a single mom on my own. i have seen about 12 deployments and numerous detachments. Weve been apart more than together. Were have live on 4 different camps(bases) and I have hated them all. lol The best part about being a forces wife is the sercurity. The worst part is not knowing if I will have a knock at the door that he may never come home. I send him care packages and I love him with all my heart. We have three beautiful kids witha fourth on the way. I sometimes do wife stuff but it gets to cliches so I leave it at the door for the most part.We do go to balls and I love the. But I am in the states until May 1st when we can be a proper family again. My husband is a lifer. He joined at 16 and did two years for the Queen and will retire after 22yrs. Hes the most loving and caring man I could ever meet and like I say time and time again. Any man that can take orders from a women is my kind of man. the (Queen) herslf.lolxx

lol I dont know but your the 1st to even say anything... and i left one in marines, army, navy and one other...

Where should I start. I honestly wonder how many women have been with there men as long as I have and could answer all x