New Military Wife

I'm 20 years old and i just recently got married Dec 2008. My Husband and I have been dating for 5 almost 6 years. He's my best friend and i couldn't leave without him. We got our orders and we will be moving to Hill AFB in Utah. much different then California, where both me and my husband grew up. I'm really looking to make some friends with other military wives and know i'm not alone.

AirmanKolstersWife AirmanKolstersWife
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1 Response Mar 6, 2009

YOUR NOT ALONE! Whatever branch or duty station your at, you will never be alone! Great start coming here to EP! The ladies here are WONDERFUL, and give/show a lot of support! We all UNDERSTAND! Feel free to vent anytime!<br />
P.S. Congrats!!!!