I Am a Proud Army Wife

I married my one and only love Stephen February 16, 2009. :) I love him more than the world and I am so proud of him with his bravery & commitment to the Army. We have only been married a month, so I am new to this Army Wife thing but I have many friends that I instantly made to help me through it. As well as my best friend who is moving with me to Fort Bragg this week. :) I am not ready for deployment but I know it is soon and I know our love will be stronger than the distance between us.

SpidermonkeysWifey SpidermonkeysWifey
1 Response Mar 18, 2009

congratulations, and yeah its hard being a military wife. <br />
me and mi amor have only been married since april 11th, 2009. its been very hard to adjust to this lifestyle but i did it because i love him. and he has not yet deployed and thank god for that! =] if you need me i am here for you!