The Army Life Is Only Something You Understand If You've Lived It!

Well, my husband and I are kind of what you would call high school sweethearts.  We grew up in a small town in Michigan; he graduated my freshman year, and we didn't start dating until my senior year, but we had known each other for 4 years already so things progressed quickly.  I went into this relationship after he had started doing what he had to to enlist.  A few months later he was in basic, I moved across the country to Arizona with my parents, and by a miraculous coincidence that was where his AIT was going to be.  We were married November 16th, 2007, while he was stationed at Ft. Huachuca, AZ.  We had 9 months of living and loving and the occasional argument before he was finished with AIT and deployed to Korea. 

This month he got his 2 week leave, although it was (unfortunately)  extended by the death of his grandfather.  We got a few extra days together, but it also involved much heartache, emergency travel plans, and a chunk of our savings.  The few weeks before his leave, I was starting to feel very disenchanted with my life as an Army wife.  I was going to college with no real career in mind, all of my friends across the country, too much time to dwell.  But the time that I had with him made me fall in love with him all over again.  I forgot how easily he could make me laugh, how beautifully blue his eyes were, how much I missed having him next to me in bed every night.  I found it heartbreaking how quickly I got used to having him around every day.  I took him to the airport this past Wednesday, and have been very sad every since (also very ill, the flu, great timing).  I feel exactly as I did when he left the first time in August.  I haven't shed as many tears, but my heart hurts just as much.  I feel so much more adult now than compared to when he left, and if I am gaining maturity as compensation for his absence, I think it might be worth it.  Getting married young can be a blessing and a curse.  Now I feel that, when he's back for good, I'll be a better wife for it.

amandarenee amandarenee
18-21, F
Mar 27, 2009