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This really isnt a story its more of a question for anybody who reads this...Ok my husband is in Japan right now...he got his orders before we got married sooo he hasnt put the paper work in yet that hes married cuz we just got our marriage certificate which i just sent to him...Now i was gonna move there once all the paper work went through but we recently found out that the marines ( which they dont tell you this) cannot keep you from your family for more than a year...( he is currently ordered to stay there for 2 years) What i am asking is... Is this true..that they cant keep you from your family for more than a year..there is suppose to be some kinda waver or other..that you can submit to get your orders cut short..he can do this soon as he gets the certificate and puts in that hes married with 2 kids??? please if anybody knows any info on this matter let me know...thank you sooo much...

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He can come home and visit during his time. He can also request to have his tour changed to accompanied for your family to come over. The last thing is he can request a hardship. Now that only works if someone in his immediate family is ill or there is another really good reason why he needs to be stateside. This is a tricky situation because his orders were cut for him as a single marine and not a married one. He will have to make good on his contract. Let me know if I can help more.

My boyfriend is a Marine officer but he is not stationed in Japan. The normal duty time away from family is 1 year, however, that can be extended based upon world circumstances. There are certain countries where Marines will not allow dependents. It supposedly is a distraction. I would prefer not to be a distraction to him, so, although I miss him greatly, I want to see him safe and sound. Sorry I couldn't offer more.

Hey Stefy,<br />
I wish I had an answer to your question. Me & my husband are in the Army, so things work a little different. I know for us, the Army puts us within a 50 mile radius of each other, but we married a week before he deployed. So when he comes back to the states we'll be together, and because we joined the Army Couples Program, but that situation is different. I would encourage you to find some marine wives on this site that may know a little about this, or you can contact any marine personnel to find out, and ask them where it is located in writing so you can see it for yourself. I wish I could help you. I will ask some of my friends who were in the marines and see if they can give me any information that may help you. I'll stay in contact.<br />
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