Trying to Get Ready

Hi everyone.

   Well I'm trying to be responsible and start getting things ready for when my DH is gone. I'm a list maker. That doesn't mean that anything on the list gets done, but I make lists. lol.

   We have to call all sorts of payment places and set up direct payment. We have to call the bank and let them know withdrawls will be coming out from overseas. We have to find someone else to plow the driveway this winter, DH usually does this. We are trying to finish or start some of the projects around the house we already have planned, like repainting the livingroom.

  I also need to figure out what he needs to take with him. The little things that most people take for granted. Q-tips, nail clipers, odds and ends like that. Anyone have any thing that thier DH's said that they wish they had with them? 

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2 Responses Oct 14, 2007

Before my hubby left we tried to think of all the small things he would need too..but once he got there he sent me a few lists of things he wanted/wants me to send him..but I enjoy it because I love sending packages to him..and putting little surprises in there, so don't worry about having everything in the beginning :)

DVD's. My DH took his laptop and we sent dvds with him, but he constantly asks for more to help him pass the little bit of spare time he has. Good luck with all the lists. I make lists too, but I usually lose the list before I accomplish the stuff on that list. LOL. There is so much to do before they leave.