Question About Germany?

Hey, we are supposed to get stationed in Germany next year when my husband gets back from deployment. Does anyone know the rules on bringing your pets over there?  I know I have a lot of time but it is driving me nuts! So any advice from someone there or someone that has been, I would appreciate it!! Thanks :)

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

For Germany there is no quarantine, just have to be current on all the shots and then have a physical 10 days before flying. Tthe dog flies with you as luggage on orders, only thing is you'll want to travel during cooler months, airlines won't take pets if it's over 86 degrees on either end.

Also, Japan if you want your pets to go with with you it's very costly also! My friends had to get rid of their pets they wanted too much money to ship and get papers from that country. It would of taken them forever to get them. I would start now because it does take awhile. Good luck with everything!

Generally you have to have complete vet records and shots required by the country you are entering..shipping of course is your expense because the military doesnt pay for that..but good luck and i hope it all works out for you!!! Australia and Hawaii(slightly easier now) seem to have pretty strict rules, while England and France still have quarentines after you get to that country..but i know friends who have shown animals in Germany every year and you just have to have Cities papers....depending on the type of pet rules may differ. hope you get to keep them with you..:)