I Love Being A Military Wife!

at first it was as hard as you can imagine but when you get used to the life style and everything you got yourself a good man and everything, its the best thing that can ever happen. all you need is that postive attitude and support and love and trust in each other and it isnt so bad. between all the seperations just make us stronger as husband and wife. im here for every military wife who will ever need me. I understand all the heartache and pain we all go through it isnt the same as a civilian husband or wife. we have bumps that come our way not being able to speak or see eachother everyday. we just have that love that will keep us connected. :) your husbands are out there in places where is dangerous some is just on a deployment like greece but nothing is better to a military husband is his love and support from his wife being there for him. Ive learned my lesson about being sad and what about me. but we just have to be understanding to know this is his JOB. we agreed to be apart of it and understanding by marrying him. I JUST LOVE BEING A MILITARY WIFE. I LOVE MY HUSBAND SO DEARLY. I KNOW YOU ALL DO TOO. JUST KEEP IN MIND TO BE STRONG AND SUPPORTIVE AND BEHIND HIM 100% when he needs you. cause even though he is far away from you. Hes thinking of you!

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YAY! Living what you Love is a true Blessing. HUGS, livingwell