How to Remove $ From Dating

I have been flirting with a woman I have known for 4 years. I fould out way back then that she won a lotto jackpot of some millions.  While this was cool, or shall I say intersting, it was not something I thought about.  As it was, she was dating a man she was living with and I was living with a SO as well... there was just never a reason for me to think about it much and a just plain forgot.

For those who wonder about that, I have a second 'similar' situation if I may;

my brother did some work setting up a compnay and was paid in stock, it hit and he became a multi millionare over night.  while he did share a bit when it first happened he became different and did something I will not soo get over.

He asked me to dinner, to meet his 'wife to be'.... and he tested me. he told me about the test he was running on people, i know, but he was tired of people assuming HE was always going to get the bill.  Well as it turns out I was dead broke.  I mean $14 avail on a credit card and $2 in cash.  I just put my recentlly ex-wife into her new apartment.

It was humiliating. sitting there with my future sisterin-law, while he stalled in the head.

Back to my real question:

I was talking to her the other day and said, "I was solucky, then joe said, 'you should the lotto tonight."

She sounded wierd, saying "yea, you should have." after we hung up I remembered that she had won.  So now I feel strange. I mean I like her and I want to get to know her, but I want to take money out of it if I can.  I.E. Am I right to be carefull what I let her buy? Can I ask her not to buy things or is this all MY problem and should just let her do what she wants?

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You know, what happened to you with the experiment, it happened to my sister. She is still very angry about it.

I'm lost is this woman cheating on her future husband with you?

Friendship is reciprocation regardless of who has what money. Just like in the dating world, you should offer to pay or split. If she offers then great but don't just assume she will. She will want to know you to know her for herself, not her money. Love is a whole different ballgame than money. If you love her money, you will never get her love. If you love her, she will share her world with you.