So this morning at 6am my fiance called me saying goodbye because he was about to be flown from Ft Bragg to Romania, and then ultimately to Afghanistan for 4-12 months. You would expect both of us to be super upset and crying but I think we both shed about 12 tears in all. (Yes, I said 12, not too many not too little.) Anyways, when he told me he was going to Korea (a non-hostile territory) I cried and cried and asked god why us that his first base right out of AIT would be overseas. However, I see why God sent him to Korea, because without Korea I never would've been prepared for Afghan. Never in a million years, I would've been a complete wreck and freaking out. After he got to Korea we spoke often and he had wifi so with the help of a texting app we got through it fairly easily. In all, the entire year felt like a couple of months. He's apparently supposed to have portable wifi over in AF, and his one friend that's already over there was snap chatting him when I was at Ft. Bragg visiting him.
On top of us being through a year of separation over seas already, I'm also starting college this fall and I'm getting a new job and I'm also in the honors college, so I'm going to be swamped with stuff to do to keep my mind off of it. I find that keeping occupied is the best thing you can do while your milso is away.
Anyways, I feel good about this. I'm fairly positive he's going to be safe. His job is pretty safe. I do a lot of praying that actually keeps my stress and anxiety levels down which is amazing because three four months ago you would not catch me praying because I wasn't even sure I believed and didn't spend a day in church but I've come to the realization that you do not need to attend church to be close to God and I do believe very much. (That's a totally different topic though.)
So to stay on my original topic. I am a milso. I am learning many things as I've only been a milso for two years (in September) but been with my soldier for longer than that. But in my short two years I've been through a lot of distance. Basic (no communication), AIT, Korea (limited communication), Ft. Bragg (lots of visits there and here :D, but still not together like we used to be), and now Afghanistan.
Just sharing my experience and thoughts so far since he's been gone which hasn't even been 24 hours yet lol. But when I need to let off steam or confusion or anything I usually come here, (if Kevin's not available, which he's not lol.)
So... If there's anyone else going through this right now, or anyone else going through anything similar, or just anyone else that wants to talk about anything military related, or honestly... anyone that wants to talk about anything, period. I am here. Since my best friend is gone, I don't do much talking to anyone.. So I am here for anyone and everyone. (Plus I'm a great listener) (; lol.
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Aug 21, 2014