Striving To Be A Minimalist

I have 3 young children and I can't seem to find any friends who share this life style or think that being a minimalist is a good idea. In fact I feel like the whole world feels that I am jugding them. Maybe I am but maybe they need to realize what is really important in life. I met one family who was definatly minimalist and they were rich. I don't personally don't think it matters weather your rich or poor but I think I noticed its easier to be that way if you are rich because you can always get rid of something and not feel so bad about it what do you think? It's a struggle for me sometimes because I'm married to someone who really isn't but I still think its a good idea to be the good example.
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Hi lemongem.

I totally understand how you must feel with a spouse thats into a different kind of life. It must be so difficult for you. And it is true that the rest of the world has a rather negative attitude towards us minimalists as they feel judged, or tend to think that we think we are somehow better than them, which really doesn't make sense in my head, but anyway.

I am tempted to share my story with you, very briefly though. I am also a minimalist, very new actually. And perhaps what I do to achieve a minimalistic lifestyle could work for you too. I minimize through giving. Most of us sell what we get rid of, but just giving it away to friends, random strangers and charity seems to be working for me. And it seems to neutralize the attitude of others towards my lifestyle because, well, they are getting something out of it too so they see no reason to complain.

I have a blog documenting my very first month as a giving minimalist, and if you're interested feel free to let me know.

Stay motivated and all the best to you and your family.


Having stuff weighs ya down I say, debt is an evil partner reminding you why you have to stay in a job, marriage, house you are no longer compatible with. Consumerism has grown into a gigantic monster gobbling so many peoples lives. Credit card companies and banks are swimming in gold, well that's what they call interest, why? people cannot pay, because they are so busy trying to keep up with the Jones, and by the way who are the frakin Jones ? ahahaha!

I believe things can be tools or crutches...for the very poor, things are often used as tools, inventively and resourcefully and fact, pretty much everything has a purpose for the poor (or more than one purpose)...for the rich, stuff often becomes a crutch, a measurement, a symbol, something they rely on to say "look, i have stuff that you don't have...i have a beautiful life, an easy life, i have all this stuff that makes my life awesome." In reality, the stuff they have is only serving a psychological purpose to make them feel valuable or whatever, but people are not their stuff, and value is fact even the value of stuff is subjective, as you can see by what a rich person would value compared to what a poor person would value...radically different things.

Love and all the intangible things are the most important in life so your idea to be minimalist is a great one. We do have too many material things. Life is so much less complicated without all those things. I need to be like this :)

To what extent are you a minimalist. I would think it would be difficult with a partner that is not of like mind. <br />
I live in the woods w/no (grid) electricity, running water etc. Money is no issue, but I've taken and taken from earth mother, and now it's time to put something back. (for me)<br />
I do get a little judgmental, but try not to. It's not the path of the wise. I became tired of being 'preachy'<br />
while not really doing anything about it myself. Can you spell hypocrisy? <br />
Now I leave people alone and I'm happier.

I consider myself a minimalist. There are different degrees, I agree. I have lived in the wood by myself for 10 years, not by choice, but that is how it turned out, living in a 3000 sq ft housethat has empty rooms and cupboards. Hey can I come for a visit?

releaf, sorry I am just now replying, but, long story, short version: email and EP 'snafu' and my part was not being vigilant for it.

Wow, 3000 sq. ft.! Must be a nightmare to heat! At least compared to my 200 sq. ft. lol
As far as a visit is concerned, you'd be welcome. In fact, I even have guest accommodations. Humble, but comfy. Message me if you wish.

You are being true to yourself and that is the best way to be. Leaving people alone means you can live in peace. I understand that and say .. what more could you want :) Sounds good to me :)