Am I Misanthropic?

I hate people, plain and simple.

I am 22-years old and, while I try to maintain a normal social life and connect with other people, I can't help but feel so detached from humanity - like I'm viewing life through a dirty lens. I look at people and all I see are pathetic, stupid animals. Even though I try my hardest to appear caring and show empathy towards others, at the same time I do not feel anything towards them. I'm tired of feeling so empty and alone. 

I struggle to maintain relationships with women - I push away and shut out everyone I get close to. And now I have come to a point in my life where I utterly detest people - knowing that they will eventually disappoint me and hurt me. 

I have no one to talk to about this. My family, and the few friends I have, would never understand, and I don't have the money to talk to a therapist. Is there anyone else out there that feels like this?

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My friend, you are not alone. People are nostly animals, stupid dirty animals. But sometimes... Sometimes you can find special people... They differ, they have great talents and points of view. Read books, philosophy... You will understand, you are capable of finding someone to be comfortable with. About opposite gender... Weeel, just try to find someone you can fall in love with, that will help to see if your genes are capable of creating healthy kids...

like you i have friend but none who truly understands me....but there are few of us...

Well you're right that they probably wouldn't understand. As much as we'd like to objectively talk about the subject, everyone instantly takes it personal - which on my end makes me hate people even more. You've found EP though and given time I'm sure you can find all the right people who will understand you and respect the experiences you've had in life. :)

What you described above is exactly how I feel. I have been feeling like this from a very young age especially after experiencing a terrible phase during my boarding school years.

I kept thinking that my thoughts and feelings were unkind; that I should be more forgiving but all I have managed to do is gain more contempt for everyone around me.


I'm glad to hear you're living a better life in Europe. :)

I don't consider nudity sexist. What I consider sexist is the double standard or o duplo padrao sexual in Portuguese, where if a guy has sex with many people he's a real man but a woman doing the same thing is a vagabunda, a piranha (slt, whre). I heard that it's at the same level as the US though. Apparently I can have a lot of sex and not be insulted for it. Then again, I don't like all the cheating with the married couples. But naked women and their butts doesn't offend me.

Homophobia seems to run rampant, so it's a pity to hear that. I looked at the youtube videos and I wasn't pleased at all.

Racism, yeah I see some with the soap operas like Caminho das Indias showing black people as maids to wealthy white people. I don't like that and I wish there were more blacks on TV, what with so many black people living there. Is it true that in restaurants waiters are rude to black people and that black people are barred from certain hotels and clubs?

Is it true that Brazilians are warm and friendly, or is that a myth?

Yes, I do feel like this too and it makes life a new animal to bare. I just wish I could be free of it all. People, control, ignorance. I need people like me but, I can never find them.. is it because, they too, are so receeded and alone? Help.

Thanks by the way for your detailed response :)

Wow, that gives me a whole different spin on Brazil. This sounds much more accurate than the rosy picture I got from a friend of mine who spent 8 months in Rio and reported that there's no racism in Brazil and that Brazilians aren't wild (??).

How is Brazil racist? How is it sexist?

I'm surprised to hear you say you hate Brazil and Brazilians because I thought Brazil sounded like a marvelous culture. I didn't realize it was so homophobic. Care to elaborate on daily life in Brazil if you don't mind?

i feel the exact way but we are different. why do you want to change, why do you want to be like everyone and you are different, we are better!!

Maybe your not looking through jaded eyes Maybe, just maybe your seeing people for what they really are.<br />
Why is it so wrong to view people in this way? <br />
Do we not see what humans are doing to the planet how the rich ones enslave the poor into a lifetime of servitude. How there is 3 % of the worlds population that hold most of the wealth.How sickening it is that the elite can lay back and watch so many people starve to death and still sleep tight on there 5 thousand dollar bed sheet. And how sickening that the 99% of people are too cowardly to anything about it when collectively they could take down the system. Happy to be slaves Happy to be pushed around Happy to keep breeding generations of moronic sheep that just keep getting dumber and dumber with every generation. I hate sleeping at night cause i know money means **** it's got no value and the valuable currency all we have is our time and they are stealing it away from us. <br />
Do you really think you have a jaded view of the world or are you sick of looking at these chimps that are happy to be told that their original animal nature is not good enough. That they are happy to shave off their body hair and to be told that they are disgusting if they don't. Inhaling poisonous noxious fumes at the strike of a match. Plastering their faces with makeup so they can trick a man into to thinking they are more beautiful than they really are. Then present themselves to the next chimp desperate to squirt his juice into her. Then in the morning when the makeups worn off he looks at her and says who the heck is that stranger. They all buy into it every last one of the deceptions because they are stupid slave drones. They eat meat because they are told its nutritious yet if they see someone trying to slit a piglets throat try to save it "what for" they will eat that hot dog next week anyway. I hate that I have to live in a world where people are in denial of what they really are. I hate that the mighty human thinks its ok to squash bugs and crush snails. Yet lets see how he cries "ITS NOT FAIR" if a race of stronger beings comes to earth to exterminate us. That would be so unfair yes cause its happening to them and not some poor defenseless bug. Humans are cowards plain and simple. And all you tough Macho muscle men out there allow your selves to be dictated to every single day.You may think your all strong and tough but your all weak humans chimps who have all been brainwashed every single one and most of you reading this too. the first a sign of brainwashing is a man who shaves his face. No 1 (society / the elite who control you). They are making you deny what you really are. No 2 they are emasculating you to make your face smooth like a woman's. No3 You are denying that you have an animal nature when really all you are a chimp that learned to talk. When women shave they turn their bodies into those of a child's especially when they shave off their pubic hair. *********** creates the lust of a bold pubic area that's not normal. come on guys think past the brain washing just for a second and see the reality of the situation here. We have all lost touch of what we really are. We are all cuckoos being raised in an eagles nest. It pretends to feed us and look after to us but it knows we are just cuckoos then when we are fat enough we will be fed to the other chicks. Humanity needs to realize they know nothing about who they really are. Say **** you i wont do as you tell me. Don't live as a slave to make them richer and more comfortable grow some balls, grow a beard and get a grip on reality. There is a reason misanth's Hate people thats because most of them are F**king stupid drones with no respect for life not even their own.

the Missing word is p o r no graphy

okay basically you guys and girls have to understand that you don't have any psychological disorders. There are people in this world, like myself, that are intelligent enough to see the "dark" side of humanity, and as a general whole, humanity sucks. But, with all due respect in mind, people who classify themselves as misanthropes are extreme pessimists who have their expectations WAY too high. Learn to see the good in people and stop being such selfish ******. I am a diagnosed sociopath, but I still figure out a way to enjoy life, because humans are social beings, and you my friends, are still human.

Nobody gives a **** if your a sociopath alright you ************! And way to ******* contradict yourself! Misanthophy isn't a disorder you dipshit! it's a realization of how ****** this world is and how pieces of **** like yourself make it the way it is!

yeah, with all due respect to the orginal poster and the one of this comment, you don't understand misanthropy except as a word. you aren't feeling the way that the original poster is, and therefore really don't understand the feelings and situations, personally. you only know the word and associations it carries. therefore, your post really doesn't belong here. the post on this page was meant for like minds to find solace and peace of mind.. you sir, really aren't being the good part of humanity by dissing us when you yourself don't have personal clairvoyance in this issue.

You described me "to a tee". I can relate to you--you are not alone. I describe myself as an empath. I, too, feel like I am always disappointed by those around me always. Everyone seems like a phony consumerist who just ignores as humanity destroys its habitat (I studied environmental science :) ). If it is any consolation, you seem brilliant and it shows through your articulate writing and cool username. Take solace that you are more intelligent and empathetic than others out there. You have soul. For your own benefit, you must appreciate those you can relate too (even if in the smallest doses) and appreciate what is important to you, because life is beautiful after all. It may be music, nature, reading, charity, art, etc.

I feel the same exact way. Sometimes I will try to make an effort to care about people, but I really don't. This is mostly because I know other people don't give a **** about me. They also have no problem being quick to criticize you but you're not allowed to say anything to them.

Firstly, commenting on the initial statement/question, why would you even think twice about how you come across to others, and let the way humans treat you or think about you bother you if you don't like them? Secondly, from reading various comments, I am 17 and seem to be following the norm however I don't belong. From personal experience of being a young age at this time, I can say that it is truly getting worse and there is NO hope whatsoever for our small percentage. It amazes me how ignorant people can be. They have no interest, no clue. it is as though society has been pulled over their eyes and they refuse to see through it. It seems that there isn't one true misanthrope, as if there were, the entire human race would know about him/her.

Today I have come to the conclusion that I too, am a misanthrope. <br />
<br />
I don't know what the **** happened in the past 10 years... and I'm only 23. Kids have become little demons---so disrespectful to their teachers and parents. THE MEDIA is a tool used for mind-control, and it's working pretty well. <br />
<br />
Black Americans have become almost proud to be buffoons (Tyler Perry profits off of this) when MLK ******* died for their rights that they are currently and gladly ******** on every day. How the **** did we get from "The Cosby Show" to "Meet the Browns?" I ******* hate Tyler Perry because he KNOWS what he's producing is wrong. <br />
<br />
White people **** me off because they behave as if I'm an alien just because I'm a minority who just happens to speak English the way it's meant to be spoken. I grew up in Oklahoma and I'm just a normal ******* person like you. <br />
<br />
I hate the fact that my skin color makes me a constituent for a collection of so many negative stereotypes of the people who happen to share my skin color as well. **** this ****, did I choose to be born? No, so I don't have to feel as if I need to have any sort of "community." I'm an individual. Alone I was born, alone I will die. <br />
<br />
I'm ******* sick of these illegal, ignorant immigrants coming here and demanding respect and civil rights when they ******* broke the law. My parents came from Honduras THE RIGHT WAY. They (the illegals) are criminals, and they want to be treated as if they are not. <br />
<br />
FURTHERMORE, as an Afro-Latina, I don't fit in anywhere. Black people don't like me because I'm not "black enough," hispanic people don't accept me as one of their own BECAUSE I'M BLACK and I don't look like J-Lo, and white people couldn't ever possibly view me as a valuable human being, because of all the stereotypes that have been ingrained in their minds and are currently being reinforced through the media and generations of racism that runs through their families. Hooray, I'm a "magic negro!" **** YOU. Never in a million years would I ever want to be "white." I learned my ABCs just like everyone else. I'm not just a "black girl," I'm a girl, who just happens to be black. It makes me angry how everyone walks around as if they themselves are responsible for their own existence. It's all a matter of probability that you and I exist. What the **** are you so proud of? You didn't choose it. <br />
<br />
The human situation is hopeless. I'm ******* disgusted. And you know what, I don't HAVE to care. Why should I waste my precious energy on this collection of idiots? There's absolutely no reason, with all this access to tons of information, why we still have such an abundance of ******* idiots.<br />
<br />
Humans are inherently intelligent. Babies are amazingly smart. And look at how beautiful and amazing language is; look at how we have built ******* spaceships and created Calculus and how we've had brilliant minds like Einstien, Hemmingway, Malcom X, Leibniz, Spinoza, Ghandi, and Descartes. These men had nothing but the fundamentals but they were able to create intellectual revolutions. We've got so much potential, everyone of us! But stupidity is a conscious decision. These people we're disgusted with.... CHOOSE to be stupid. <br />
<br />
We do not live in an intellectual society. So I'm leaving. Amsterdam looks great. Bye!

I ******* hate you!!! Along with all the other human filth! You think you're better than everybody else!! No my state of mind is above all yours!!! You're just a piece of ****!!! you filthy piece of crap!! **** your opinions and state of "Mind"!!! You're ******* pathetic!! **** your background as well, nobody gives a ****!!

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This is me EXACTLY! (I'm new this this site and, for a long time, thought I was the only one who felt this way.)

I wanna say sorry for my english right from the start. As you will notice I am not a native speaker. I don't choose to be a misanthrope I tried to love people i tried to be nice and kind and had a strong sence of justice but all i got was a slap in the face. I was always a nice kid and I really wanted to be there for people. There has been many times i wished i was as ignorant as 97% of humanity .. but people kept letting me down group up against me and just call me a freak. I know i chose this path and I do feel alone alot even though i found a boyfriend who thinks just the same way as I do. I feel like everything around me is so rotten and I know it is contradictory but I believe we are the ones with the pure hearts. I don't believe that it is our fault we are misanthropes i think its just the rest of the world that dont give a **** who's sick in their heads. I am sure if humans were more caring honest and started to use their brains for something else than **** we wouldnt be what we are now. It just all depends on how aware you are .. atm I am trying my best to ignore those things and just do the best with my life .. which is alot harder than it sounds

Not meaning to offend, but if you guys and girls hate other humans so much ... why are you on EP talking to people about how much you hate people? Just an observation..

Why not ?

Finding out that there are others feeling the same as you brings at least some peace to the mind. It's like talking to someone who also hates spiders. You feel a connection and become happier. Plus, this kind of problem isn't one you can freely talk to anyone the only way to open up is to find others with the same problem. (Also, we are the only species that can "talk". It's kind of hard to get verbal advice from a dog.)

I understand what you mean completely. Im also a misanthrope for the exact same reasons as you. I see the whole human race and the society as pathetic and pure filth.I have a few close friends and some acquaintances that I know will disappoint me in the end. I find it funny how I tend to also be really social and most ppl see me as a nice guy but I never tell them what I am because I know they will leave me for the same reason and classify me as a "freak". I wish this world was completely different and ppl didnt turn it into ****,the sad part is it's only getting worse within every new generation. I cant help but seeing most ppl as filth and the general **** I have to see every day. As for relationships, I've dated a few girls before but they just ended up being one of the most disappointing things I've ever had to face in my life,just to see them lie in my face from the start only and etc that I had to push away.It's all disappointing but there is a lot of reasons why Im a misanthrope .I definitely feel the same way as you,dont waste your cash on a therapist,they'll think your crazy and just tell you how to live your life.

Humans do let us down without a doubt! Sometime however, we need to take a realistic view of ourselves…then it makes us able to deal a little better with other imperfect humans.<br />
(Romans 3:23) 23 For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, <br />
<br />
(Ephesians 4:31-32) 31 Let all malicious bitterness and anger and wrath and screaming and abusive speech be taken away from YOU along with all badness. 32 But become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another just as God also by Christ freely forgave YOU.<br />
<br />
I hope this helps!!!

**** Your God!!!

Not quite apart from the not connecting. Something prevents me in giving up on people. I grew up in care to a great extent. For every carer that really cares there is at least 10 that just do their job. But it's the 1 in 10 that got me through and made me into the believer I am to this day.

I was going to fire away an interesting comment in agreement.<br />
Then I realised I didn't give a ****.

I understand you 100%<br />
i am the same way most of the time. i found a certain group of people in my town that actually feel the same way. we call that group the family. we are the only ones each other trusts. we are togther everyday.. more than we are at home. we understand each other- its pretty much our only friends. <br />
<br />
my problem with this problem is that i actually tell it like it is. if i have a problem with someone i tell them. and see their reaction. if i think someone is pathetic, i tell them. <br />
if someone is being too happy/annoying/peppy, i tell them. all they do is say oh. <br />
<br />
ive come to realize this happened to me because i was unhappy with my past and i do these things to help steer other people in the write direction. trust me- tell people how you are feeling. but if it is harsh, before you say it say "i;m going to tell you this because im being honest"... then go on with what you want to say<br />
<br />
it works. please, just try it. tell me what happens

believe me i know what it means to be in your shoes, i was als like that sometime but i'm grateful to God for changing my life and making me a loveable and a loving person.<br />
This simply happened by being repentant of all my sinful indulgence by confessing and forsaking them and accepting his son Jesus Christ as Lord and personal saviour, as the One who gave his life as a ransom for my sins to reconcile me with God.<br />
Though this may sound unbelievable, try it and you would see what Joy and tremendous bliss would fill your soul. I'm ever glad i did it

Religion is just another stupid, human invention, so please, stop feeding and persuading with that obnoxious way of life.

The obliviousness of the people around me never ceases to amaze, I'm with you on the disgust for others, people float through their lives unquestioningly doing what they're told and what is expected Sheep, drones, worker bees, they are all idiots, easily manipulated and brainwashed. <br />
<br />
We are a small group of thinking people amongst a sea of followers, mindless wretches not worth the value of the plasma in their blood. Most will never understand because they are inherently incapable and have embraced their socialization and ignorance from a very young age. It is an enlightened but lonely path we walk, but once your eyes are opened, the visions seen cannot be forgotten.<br />
<br />
Consider yourself lucky to be one of the few thinking people in the world, and then get a call girl, that way you can have a bit of companionship and still be disgusted with the person at the same time with no demands for an actual personal relationship. <br />
<br />
And yea I also would advocate a dog. Honest and loyal and always happy to see you, they won't be cynical, devious, or two-faced. They are genuine in their actions and affections.

All of that is pretty much me.

Also, i myself is more or less a product of what ive witnessed and experienced over time.<br />
I view people as ... nuisance.

i feel with ya, good description of it ... <br />
think its a repeated theme for most misanthropes, viewing most people as stupid lumbering waste of meat with dumb ideas and illogical thinking.