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Anyone that has ever had a garage sale knows that people are vile and detestable. I needed some money because I got in my head that I wanted to go to the Vans Warped Tour (a large scale concert with several stages and modern bands) because I hate people but I love music (except for rap, hip hop, r&b which is a bunch of crap. Switching the S in your name with a cash sign $ doesn't make you more classy or gangster or whatever you want to be B!t%#). So I spent several days cleaning a shed in the back yard to have a garage sale. I set it up and wait for the people to show. Basically the entire day was a parade of coughing colostomy bags and illegal immigrants (I live in New Mexico so I imagine you get whatever low class of people are in your area). And what they want is highway robbery. Some mexican b!t%# (not rascist, she was rude and tried to cheat me out of money) sat there inspecting a vacuum cleaner for 10 minutes like she invented the device herself and then wouldn't pay $5. People wouldn't pay squat for anything. Some jack@$$ drove in front of my house, stuck his head out his window and asked "Do you have any artwork?". Yeah let me go get a priceless Van Gogh from my secret back room for you, it only costs a quarter but its worth untold millions you S.O.B.. One old guy did buy a vase from me for 75 cents and told me he wanted to be cremated and put in it. If that's not funny or ridiculous enough when he set it on the table to pay the wind knocked it down and shattered it to pieces. While I'm doing all this and working hard for myself, my "friend" lets it slip to my other "friend" that I'm going. The first one we'll call K and the second one J. K calls me almost daily not because were best friends but because he has a lot in common with a telemarketer. He just has to talk no matter who it's to. I just happen to be first on the list, and if I don't answer he just moves on. J is a huge douchebag I've known since I was 4 which tells you we have a long history of $#!t I'm fed up with (Funny story at the end of this school year he got broody and pissed like he often does and knocked my tray of food to the floor during lunch. Out of impulse I backhand slapped him once to the face. The guy calls me a B!t@# all the time to try and assert himself but all he can do is talk. Now he knows who's the boss. I basically pimp slapped him and kept him in line. I hate gangsters but that fits for the reference). He drinks and parties not because he's cool but because he wants to look cool. He is 100% conformist and I'm pretty sure I could peer pressure him into dyeing his hair pink. So K tells J I'm going which causes him to beg for me to let him go too (the pictures from the event are sure to prove how cool he is). This causes me to raise twice the money for food and rooms which he won't help at all because all the money he raises needs to go for "T-shirt money". But I manage to do it and we go to Las Cruces (a town that I don't live in) and go to the tour. I have a blast listening to some of my favorite bands minus the crowd surfing stoners and $lut$ (during a band's set I literally saw the same girl go over my head 4 times). Several girls wore nothing but a thin bikini to the event. You're suppossed to dress comfortable, not ready to give blow jobs in a port-a-potty. I'm not gay because I'm complaining about a girl in a bikini. It's a matter of decent principle and how far our once respectable society has fallen. When I'm done seeing all the bands I like I decided to stick around some other people I discovered were from my school. They're going swimming afterwards so since I had nothing better to do I agreed to go with them. When it's over I meet up with J and tell him I'm going swimming. He apparently met some college girls and they were going swimming. He asked me not to go swimming so he could go by himself. I guess I'm such a repulsive piece of s#!t that just being within 80 feet of him would cockblock him. Since I didn't really care anyway I brushed off what would be a crippling insult to a normal person (if you're normal and read this think about how bad an insult this is since I paid for his ticket, his food, and his room; and he is basically saying I'm not fit for his presence around girls). I didn't care so I let him do what he wanted, he even stayed in her room that night. When we got back he told everyone else that I was being a wuss and didn't want to go swimming. He left the little part out about him being a huge douche. Basically the point of this story is another bit of evidence and reasoning for my misanthropy. The fact that a "friend" of mine I've known since age 4 would act this way proves how worthless people are. How what would look like a long and meaningful friendship isn't worth a single breath. Not to make this seem too uninteresting I'll leave anyone that reads this with some hilariously spiteful facts about our good friend J. He told the college girls he was 18 when he is really 16 (I've no idea how the F%#@ they bought that). He has no money or job. He is dating one but he hasn't even taken driver's ed. When he does I guess his daddy's gonna have to go with him to pick her up. When he stayed the night with her all they did was spoon despite the fact that her friends gave him a bunch of condoms. That shows how much of a real P^$$y he really is. To the preppy princess with a disgusting sparkle of hope in her eye that thinks "he's probably a nice guy that wouldn't do that. You're just a weirdo" no he is not. J has repeatedly told me how he would F^$# a girl if she was drunk and how he would love some P^$$y using that specific language. Since I'm not a drunken frat brother he would want to impress, it's unlikely he was lying. The fact that all they did was spoon shows that he couldn't seal the deal like he wanted. They've been dating for a few weeks now but I'm wondering how long he can keep it up. It's hard to believe some girl is actually stupid enough to buy into all of it. Oh and add stupid to the list of defining J facts because it turns out he almost certainly won't graduate with our class. I hope you enjoyed this little piece of my life.
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Makes my life seem good, not very good though.

"To the preppy princess with a disgusting sparkle of hope in her eye" - LOL<br />
I like your style :)