People Blah Blah Blah.

The world is full up with ****** people doing ****** things to eachother.  But at least those people have some life in them even if it is ugly.  Apathy, apathy is also hugely disgusting to me.  People content with their pitiful, vain, shallow existence who then give vague lip service to atrocities at home and abroad and then take no action whatsoever to even in the smallest way attempt to effect any kind of change.  Between these two groups I would wager to guess 95%+ of the global populaiton falls into.  The number of people who actively seek out doing good, especially if having to sacrifice anything at all to do so, is so small as to essentially be statistically insignificant.  No true change can occur with so ewl willing to actively work towards it.

The selfishness of man guarantees his inability to do right by his fellows unless it has a direct benefit for him.  We talk about how much more developed and civilized we are than the animal kingdom, or even then we were a few hundred years ago, and to this I respopnd technology alone does equate to civility.  As a global community we are still little more than warring tribes fighting over resources, determined to have them all for ourselves and share as little as possible.  Thus do we see conflicts that not only prevent the worlds most destitute from joining the 21st century, it stagnates any process that could better us as a species, creating a true global sense of community instead of the global marketplace that we incorrectly impose the label of community.  That word community infers more than just a group of people doing buisiness transactions, it infers a sense of togetherness through shared ideas, beliefs, and goals.  And human beings are far too selfish and petty for this to even exist on a smaller scale generally speaking, for even within nations citizens still behave as warring factions attempting to corner the market on power either through politics or commerce or both, it is power play for the strong while the weak allow their lives to be dictated to them under the guise of personal freedom.  You are personally free to follow the path society dictates is the most beneficial for itself, whether that is the case or not for the individual.

What we need is a system still based on resources because as animals that is what we are always in search of, but that provides a mutual benefit for all parties involved, that way people would behave with more civility so as not to lose the access they have to a certain resource.  These resource needs can in a way act as a catalyst for having intertwined economic destinies and thus a reduced desire to rock the boat.  But why work together to have less than you could if you just use force and have it all for yourself...People disgust me.

We are supposedly evolved animals who have moved beyond these petty squabbles, but the reality is not only do we stil have these conflicts, but given our minor advancements as a species we can now wreak exponentially more havok than is possible for any other species battling for resources.  Our technology in concert with our base instinct for resource hoarding ensures costly conflicts with vast and unesseccary consequences to ourselves and the world around us.  Hell we cant even be bothered in the United States to feed all of the starving children in this country, but there are always commercials to send money elsewhere, and tax dollars are spent on far more frivilous things than child hunger, but that fight has no direct resource benefit so it is deemed less vital, as if those kids may not have been better contributing members of society as an adult if they had a childhood where at least there was security in knowin you won't go hungry.  How important would school work seem if you had to worry about keeping yourself and siblings fed because you have an absenteee parent for one reason or another.  However the potential benefit from having more children grow into healthy productive members of society is an intangible future, active resource gains are preferred to happen instantaneously.

We don't even properly care for the young of our species, many pack animals do this as a matter of survival, where the pack will look after eachothers young to be sure that they are all cared for as best they can.  We are actually less civilized than these 'animals' who can at least be bothered to be sure the next generation is being looked after and that their young as a group are not just forgotten and left to their own devices, even if happens to be more convinient to do so at that instant.
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Bravo! You worded this so elegantly and describe my feelings exactly.