The Human Infestation

Don't like anyone. Don't trust anyone. Don't need more "friends". Humans destroy everything. The earth, the air, everything.
mcmadnes mcmadnes
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

It's not just the is the greed for everything and anything. People will knock down thier own grandmother as she's bending over to pick up a dime on the sidewalk, to get to that dime first! OH, and then say sorry afterward. NO thought to anyone or anything they damage to get what they want when they want it. A dime is not a fortune. It's just a "me me gimmie gimmie me me" world. Scratch the surface, they are all the same.<br />
I' m just a sucker that helps everyone and runs around doing everything for everyone, knowing they could care less if I died doing it just so I get it done for them before I drop. I hate them all, but I think there is a small (at this point maybe a TINY) corner of my heart that thinks humanity will win out and people will wake up and say "what the h*** am I doing?".<br />
And again I get that tiny point of hope smacked down with thier usual attitude and actions. <br />
Humans will destroy themselves. Hopefully they will do it before they destroy the earth.