Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

140 IQ, MENSA member.

But yikes, am I a misanthope! Humans disgust me with their rampant stupidity, lack of class or manners, thug behavior, carelessness, self-centered actions, and general belief that the human species is the only life form that matters. I can't stand being around other humans, perferring the company of animals and my immediate family. I loathe social outings, perferring to putter about in my yard. I chose my home due to it's location far away from the 'big city', it's acreage, and the fact that the most noticeable & vocal of my neighbors are cows.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd be better off with a lower IQ, as those tiny-brained neanderthals I consider a majority of people seem so content and happy in their little intellect-free existence. Would it be better to be a part of the herd of Sheeple? Nah....**** 'em.
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3 Responses May 13, 2012

I got a high iq as well, and as well I wonder if I could have been happy being stupid. Intelligence makes me so hateful.

Like IntangibleAsset said I don't get why people like to tell others their IQ either.. it's like a pretty model walks into a science lab and just want to show the women there how much more beautiful she is. I mean higher IQ for you yay but there are so many mensa members and 140+ IQ people :)

What is up with you folks with high IQs having to tell everyone you have a high IQ? You probably can't tie your own shoes but damm if you don't see all the answers to the nature of the universe.

Arrogant people tend to feel the need to make sure everyone knows they are smart. It's irritating, right?

Most don't actually?