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Greetings fellow misanthropes. Here's my dilemma:

I'm really proud to be a loner, an outsider, and a misanthrope. I enjoy coming to this board, another misanthrope board, and reading misanthrope, loner, and individualitic books (among other books). I like feeling a sense of separation from society. I find most people annoying so I'm content to keep it moving.

The thing is, there are absolutely no jobs or careers for people like me. It's like the system wants to force us all to be the same, with pasted on smiles, teamwork, and being a people person.

So I have to compromise if I'm gonna make any money.

So I'm thinking of becoming a therapist. I'm good at giving advice, I'm free-spirited and open-minded, it's a respectable job with a great salary, it's easy, and it's marketable. I would be making use of my college degree. On the other hand, I don't care an extreme amount about other people's problems and I don't like helping people who don't deserve it, like people who yell at you and then feel entitled to receive your help the following week.

My question: do you think therapist is a good job for a person like me? Or will I be in hell?

Thanks in advance.
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Ah, and for a mysanthope a part-time job is much more tolerable than a full-time one for the simple fact that one has more time to be within one's own universe. Avoiding people at all should not be considered by anyone for the simple fact that we live in society and we'll end up having to contact someone at worst in a weekly basis (a baker, a clerk, a cashier, a seller, a postman, a neighbour... well, unless your option is to live in a self-sufficient farm in the mountains or in an isolated island, lol). Good luck!

Freelancing from home (such as translating, proofreading, writing etc.) or even a part-time job somewhere outside is a good option for those who can't stand the "normal" boring society and its dictates.

Hi Elle2k: I am a newcomer of this group and I noticed you pretty quickly. I actually think that you would be a good therapist. All work-with-people jobs get annoying over time. You are very responsive to many stories here and you ask a lot of questions/pay a lot of attention to some who don't even want to hear. That's good in real life because people are so needy (of attention...eww, but true) The good thing about being a therapist is- you are dealing with one human being at a time. And it's a troubled person. Don't you find "normal", "no problem" people more disgusting? Maybe you can talk one who just had an enlightenment into a misanthrope..

Help! The work from home thing is falling through!<br />
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What are some good jobs or careers for misanthropes? What do you do for a living? Do you think I should just say screw it and get on SSI?

At least I'm not a cancer upon society. Or a hypocrite who hates people but yet is worthy of hate.

BTW I went to an Ivy League. How's that for worthless?

I don't want to help people at all I just need money and figured it was my only realistic option.<br />
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I thought about computer programming but I heard it requires a lot of interaction with people as you have to give presentations and work closely with clients.<br />
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I have decided to work from home.

Why would you want to be a therapist as a misanthrope? You need to NOT work with people. You need a computer programming job. Computers do what you tell them to much like you seem to want to tell people how to feel. You are one sorry misanthrope for wanting to help people. Just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

Just spoke to the career coach and she said working from home/freelace writing is a viable option. It's like a dream come true. I finally found my path.

Thanks for your responses.<br />
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I'm currently looking for work from home jobs like freelance writing. Thing is, I've heard those types of jobs don't pay well at all and only pay sporadically if you're lucky. I'm working with a career coach who made it seem like it's a decent possibility.<br />
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Do you think this is a pipe dream?

Hi, i'm new at the group. My guess is that's gonna be hell, i also thought about it but then i realized that one of the thingsi hate most about people are the complaining about all the stupid things, and their problems are so small but they seem to think they're some kind of saints becuse they are so "troubled". The will somether you and make you as miserable as they are

I don't think there are very many jobs out there for people who are introverted...anti-social...or whatever you want to call it. I'm not much of a people person myself. I am about to start a career in medical billing. I've had to put on quite a show so far. Pretending to be a people person, outgoing, enthusiastic, all that crap. It's not easy and I will have to be faking this for a while. But if I get good enough at this profession, I can eventually just bill from home. It seems you have a good education, better than is required of a biller. But maybe there's something similar out there for you.

Thanks for your help. I'm glad I asked. I guess therapist is out of the question. I can only imagine, lazy people who just complain and don't do anything about their problems. Just wasting my time complaining for no reason. Then you give them suggestions and they either ignore it or tell you off and continue whining. Can't do that. Can't face people and interact with them if I foster a sense of disgust for them, much less try to help them! I would lose any little empathy I have left for humanity and just be going through the motions.<br />
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Good uck on changing careers. Let me know if you need help.