You Want A Title For This?

A story? How insulting. This is not a story. It's more like an obituary. Here lies one mans faith in humanity woefully stricken by the disease called life. Whatever. Look, the bottom line is that humans are bacteria on a rock stuck in orbit around a star in space. We are an infliction. Whoever is responsible for our presence has aborted his responsibilities, denied he even did this and probably hopes we end up killing each other. It seems to be working. We call war GOOD. we welcome home soldiers and are expected to salute them. If you don't, and you think like me, you are an ungrateful hippie. And if you fail to believe the tale that they are 'fighting for our freedoms' you get called a terrorist sympathizer. Apparently, Iraq and Afghanistan  decided Americans were too free or something and tried instill Sharia law by lobbing planes into buildings. **** logic. Right? When are we going to dismantle the military, admit we dont really want to kill each other and let others live and let live? Not going to happen. Ever! Humanity is addicted to bloodshed. And if you dont shed blood, then they will go after your money. Your so-called hard, earned money. Pieces of paper said to be of some value. We have convinced ourselves that such pieces of paper, when not given in appropriate amounts, will result in homelessness, hunger, and basically miserable living. So, get your *** out of bed at 6 am because you 'have to work' because you 'have kids' because you 'have a mortgage'. Self abuse brings a little relief from it all, doesn't it? Now that the morning joe's have lost their mind, put coffee in their bloodstream, now YOU TOO should feel as chipper and happy as they. And if you are NOT as chipper and happy as they, YOU are not a good person. Humans are humanities worst enemy. I laugh at all you jackasses who get married because you want to spend the rest of your life with one person. Then, you either lie or you get a divorce: you lie that you actually love this person and still have the same respect for them as you did when you first met or you realize that you cant stand this person and get a divorce. If you are an even bigger *******, you have children. Yes, put more disease on this rock floating in space. Kids are nothing more than punishment from having unprotected sex. You lying ******** who say you love children are as psychotic as they come. A kid cries, wants, needs, cries some more, ruins things and you call it cute? **** logic part 2! Yes, I may be a miserable person but I did not get that way by accident. My mother created me and my father says I never happened. I am ok with that. So, put the kleenex away. I am tired of the sissy bullshit psychological community desire to label me a product of my upbringing. What the hell does that solve but convince others that their happiness is nothing more than another person's approval of that happiness. When you can see this, you have achieved the understatement as to why I cant stand humans. Period. i
satanlovesme satanlovesme
May 20, 2012