The Problem With Me (and You, Too!)

I don't really know if I qualify as a misanthrope anymore because my sense of superiority has long since faded. Sure, I still get upset over all of the unwarrented self-importance and sheer thoughtlessness I see on a daily basis, but at the end of the day, its really just me arguing with myself. My inability to become a part of the human experience and my personal failures irritate me more than the status quo ever will. I don't fault them for being greedy, self-absorbed and easily-led dupes; that's just natural selection. Those characteristics are essential for survival in the modern world. Its the misanthrope (particularly the misanthrope who isolates) who is the dodo. The times where I have stuck my head out of my shell, where I've taken on a more postive outlook and tried to force my way into the party always end up with me self-humiliated, exhausted and weary to take on any and all company. The problem that I have with most misanthropes (and ultimately myself) is what I've come to call the element of silent disgust. We see the shallow behavior of others and sneer with a false sense of superiority, when ultimately its THEM who are making US uncomfortable. We aren't above them after all. You think they're bothered by your ability to think and stare daggers at them? They're so wrapped up in being a part of what the world really is that they don't even notice you. Meanwhile they get to enjoy the benefits of soullessness while we're stuck at home reading books by authors nobody's heard of and listening to records nobody cares about. When I'm around other misanthropes (and just plain outcasts for that matter), I take it upon myself to be very vocal in my disgust towards the general public; to return the favor of discomfort I've been forced to endure over the years. I do this partly because of my need to establish a kinship and partly because of my cowardice which prevents me from acting as an army of one in my plight against humankind. This usually drives any companions I manage to make away, leaving me to bask once again in the framiliar and stale "comfort" of silent disgust. I don't revel in misanthopy anymore, rather on good days I see it as an obstcale to overcome and on bad days as the only crummy game in town. I really want to be able to thrive within the corporate slave-state nightmare out there, but I just don't have the strength yet. This cocoon is starting to stink.
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I don't see most of the rabble as just shallow I see them as smug and evil mainly. I envy them cos I wish I had no conscience either.

It seems like you're making the naturalistic fallacy.

Who is committing the naturalistic or is-ought fallacy? Can you please elaborate?

I get the impression that the opinion of the writer is that "thriving" (see second to last line) is good, and doing what you can to thrive is good.

Maybe this is too speculative of me?

I don't try to thrive because it's not good and stuff that people do to thrive generally makes them terrible. I am a misanthrope because I think what people do is wrong, not because I'm rejected or bad at doing what they do and feeling resentful for that.

It would sure be nice if there are more people who are giving, self-sacrificing, and thoughtful of others. Why don't you start with yourself first? Just like hatred and indifference, Love is a fire that spreads to hearts kindled by it. It just has to start somewhere. Ignite it in you and protect it from the dampness and winds of a selfish world. Enough sparks and the world may yet change.

My options on getting out are rather limited. I look after my elderly grandmother in the small town where I grew up and always seem to return to after my life takes a turn for the worse. I recognize that its through my own shortcomings and failures that I come to stop here. The pickings on good company around here are limited too. My nearest friends are over 30 miles away, and with transportation that isn't the most reliable, I don't get out much these days. Any type of life I may have is on hold for the moment.

I personally love my cocoon. I don't isolate myself and confine myself to house. I have an inner circle of friends, family, and lovers to keep me excited and entertained. We go out all the time, I just don't meet new people. I just don't have to deal with the real world, which is great, as the real world sucks and so does everyone in it. Why anyone would want to be part of the corporate wage slave culture is beyond me. Money isn't everything. But if you want to know how to survive in that world read Disciplined Minds.