What I've Learned About People

Over the years I've learned the following about the vast majority of people around the world:

-Most people feel that they're not living up to their high standards of the ideal person. They have an idealized version of what they think a person like them should be like and they have missed the mark because they were born to fail. So they put that on you. There is one exception which is the type who is always talking about being a winner. These are the anal perfectionist snobs who force their children to earn trophies in every sport and get straight As. They are not winners really because women aren't supposed to be like that, they're supposed to be feminine, sweet, and appealing. So these types usually end up divorced with short hair cuts raising the children alone. I hope all of them end up like that as they are incredibly arrogant people.

-Most people are wannabe Social Darwinists. There are very few true Christians, Buddhists, hippies, etc. They are nerds who got picked on so their world view is corrupt. They can't live up to their world view so they end up being petty office people who do power games, gossipy churchgoers, neighborhood bullies, or writers who put pressure on everyone else to do the impossible. The only person I know of who actually lived his philosophy is Michael Savage the conservative radio host. Miserable guy, never a moment of peace in his life, but a phenomenal achiever and a wealthy man at that. Brains, brawn, the manly look, the manly voice. Meanwhile people like Nietzche, Ayn Rand, Camille Paglia, etc. are just miserable nerds who never lived the life they glorify in their writings. They live on the sidelines but they refuse to just be happy. Perhaps they can't because they were or are too old and ugly to get any. Lighten up!

-Most people have no life whatsoever. Their jobs are pointless and that ties up eight hours, but that's not their fault. Then they come home and sit in front of the TV for another four hours to escape themselves. Or if they have children they're trying to force to be perfect, they are busy but not productive.

-Most people are codependent that's why they crave conversation no matter how abusive or mundane. The loner brain is a rare brain, the brain that built for itself.

I am at peace with my misanthropy. I can't shake it off. There's no cure for it. I was meant to be this way. I stopped caring about the world a long time ago.

Who gives a **** about money? Just do something you can tolerate I don't care if it pays 9-13 bucks an hour. Live with your family, you don't know anyone so no one can judge you for being 60 years old and still living with your family.

I won't ever conceive. I refuse to bring children into a world where you have to go to school and therefore have to deal with these loathsome worms. Besides my child could be yet another oxygen waster. Children are impressionable conformists. So they could turn into a source of total embarrassment by giving the world the impression that your perceptions aren't to be taken seriously. Do you want to have a child you hate? Who doesn't respect you?

I won't adopt. That will just look like I had a child out of wedlock and was another promiscuous ghetto type. And that'll force me back into the world of people.

I might not get a dog. Maybe cat but maybe not a dog. I love dogs they're so cute and sweet but that might draw too much attention to myself.

Elle2k Elle2k
Sep 24, 2012