I Sure Hate People

...as a general whole. And yeah, individually too, I suppose. There are just too many of us being idiots and it absolutely sickens me.

What's the point? Why are we all still here? To keep working and buying **** and sleeping and supporting media? To continue exploiting ourselves for the sake of consumption?

I hate being in a crowd. I hate being stuck in a conversation with someone who has absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Hell, I'm one of those people too, but at least I offer ample opportunity for the person conversing with me to shove off.

Most of all, I hate those art-school idiots who have their parents pay their way through school, living for free and experiencing "culture" and the city, yet live in the suburbs like the rest of us schmucks and think they're hot **** just because they've sunk deeper into the human hellhole than the rest of us. Worst of all, they seem to be chock full of complaints ranging from how hard their life is to how busy they are, especially in the summer when all they have to do is lounge around in the sun like a lizard and save up enough money from their mommies and daddies to go traveling through eastern Asia for the second year in a row. Wow, you saw Vietnamese people! YOU ARE SO GOD-DAMNED DEEP AND CULTURED FOR WRITING A POETRY BOOK ABROAD. PLEASE, LET ME SHELL OUT $10 FOR YOUR CRAPPY LITTLE SCENESTER HOME-STAPLED CREATION SO YOU CAN EARN EVEN MORE MONEY AND LET IT SIT IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT FOR YOUR NEXT PRETENTIOUS JOURNEY.

Well, I suppose I digressed from my main point with that last paragraph there, so to sum it up, there are just far too many people here and every day more and more are introduced.

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I think the majority of people in the US support weapons, metal detectors, surveillance, alarm systems, private investigators, etc. The point is people do not like each other in general. If my opinion counted, I think aborignes are okay.


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The truth is, most of the people on earth are no more than sheep. Its strange to think, yet very probable that most of us self-proclaimed "misanthropes" actually run on a higher level of consciousness. Most wouldn't believe me and would argue that "everyone thinks for them selves," and other nonsense. People simply don't understand that they are making a fool of themselves and embarrassing their entire species. All of these black culture perpetuates making it a fad for 13 year old girls to ruin their life on ecstasy and 2cb, as well as all of the white fat cat capitalists and corporate consumers who propagate and act in a world that moderates personal betterment on material goods make people like us hungry for blood or complete hermits in the end. They are pushing out the intellectuals by over protecting the populace and not allowing natural selection to take place. Military leaders are raping women with gun barrels and genocides and other atrocities are happening all around the world. This species is disgusting, and even though us misanthropes are not generally the "social norm," we still have the ability to use our intellect for political and social betterment of the world. Cheers to all who truly understand the world we live in. You are the people that keep me alive.<br />

hey there, I get very misanthropic like yourself, I too find that people are completely oblivious to certain things of life and are completely, ignorant and arrogant. We're human we all make mistakes. I figured well I don't have time to worry about other people because it really makes me frustrated and it wastes my time when I could be doing better things like eating chocolate lol! I convert my anger into sympathy, if someone annoyed me then I'd think "poor oblivious, misguided soul" not as in like I'm comparing, ranking myself to them because I'm just as bad, we all are. I certainly aint gonna let anyone ruin my day so the next time anyone gets angry i suggest they convert it to sympathy.

hahaha I loved your rant. I get that same pissy attitude myself sometimes...