I Live A Lonely Life.

I have suffered from misanthropy for over 24 years. I have been reading a lot of comments on this subject and I can see through some of them. Misanthropy is a terrible state of mind with no way that have found to escape. I am reasonably intelligent, got a wonderful family (when I see them), a loving wife and child (when we speak to each other) so this is my life.

Yes it is true I hate everyone. I have no friends, no one. I am a shadow in a crowed room. If we speak, my mind is thinking how much I hate you and just want the conversation to end. I feel like I am going to explode in a crowd. Misanthropy is not a good thing. At least not for me. It has taken a toll on my life and my overall perspective.

Misanthropy for me has brought me depression and I am so anti-social that I can barely work. If anyone thinks it is a good thing to be a misanthrope, then i say, just wait a few more years and tell me what is like for you then. You are obviously mistaken.
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

No I think people who need the most people in order to feel good about themselves or in order to survive are the most disatisfied. Self-made millionares, billionares on the other hand have enough control over their own lives and therfore are much more satisfied. And no they don't like ugly stupid people either.

well yeah, if we just spit it out 'shut up you're annoying' they'd start to blame us eternally for being an *******.

I am also a misanthrope. I find it hard to love anybody. I love only a few people. Excluding my family. With so much wickedness in the world I find it kind of wierd for most people to actually like our ways.