Society Is Simply A Mindless Factory.

First of all I'm new here and would like to say hello and surprised to see others who simply share a distaste for the human race and most, if not all, of the qualities it comes with.

I'm in my mid 20s and recently graduated from University. I've come to the conclusion that society is simply a factory churning out a lot of idiots to sustain itself. In developed countries for example, education is a must to a certain age and if you miss out on a day or so without an explanation your parents get fined a certain amount. I've been a misanthrope from a very young age but only recently I've put a name to it. I thought i was sick and needed to conform. I had to have a relationship, a job with a big paycheck a big house, a huge car and everything that made me seem 'normal'.

Although University in the UK is not compulsory but over the past few decades many of the industries, career advisors, parents, government and the list of establishments simply goes on, who've been recommending children to go to Universities as a means of 'success' that it has become the norm. Simply put, people who don't go to universities do not conform to society and are not guaranteed 'success'. Universities and educational establishments are suppose to prepare you to venture into life. They simply DO NOT and that is why I write this. You grow up being told that 'the world is your oyster' and 'you can be whatever you want to be' but then you grow up to find that the world may actually be your oyster but then oysters are on somebody else's menu. Those magical doors you were told that had infinite opportunities? Well guess what, the older you get the more they disappear until you're left with only 1.

They spoon feed children absolute garbage from Pre-school tv shows all the way to higher education and by the time you leave the educational system, you're already in debt and you're already back on the factory floor assembling the next generation of mindless workers. I've distanced myself from everyone with the exception of a handful of friends as I simply cannot stand the sight of people. They are simply hypocrites, they will smile and be nice to you but when the opportunity comes, they will step on you for their own gains. We are simply a step ladder for others who are trying to get to the top shelf. We are simply selfish and driven by our egos through this highway called greed.

These days I no longer care and I'm indifferent to the plight of others. I used to listen to other people's problems because I'm 'nice'. In reality I'm not, I simply hate the sight of the person and I have to put up an Oscar performance and pretend I care. So you've been dumped, fired (insert whatever is appropriate)...ok, so what? Sooner or later you're going to die anyway and why do I need to know your problems like I don't have my own to deal with. Everyone is simply selfish and will use another person for their own gain. While you're crying over something as trivial as your partner dumping you, there's thousands of children and innocent people out their bombed to death.

If you go outside now and ask people what they'd wish for if they had a genie then most, if not all, would wish for personal gain from wealth to other selfish desires. I would simply wish to wipe out the entire human race and give nature a fighting chance. We try to cure cancer when humanity is the biggest known cancer and yet everyone turns a blind eye.
Jarwan Jarwan
26-30, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Seems, like you have a good idea of things. I don't hate humans, but I blame our government and society for spiraling down. I see a lot of potential with humans if we all work together though.

Hmm, you reminded me!! Why not, spend some time helping animals? :) They are the real victims in this world, and as long as you feed them and love them, they couldn't ever want to ditch you or betray you (except for this one dog who just didn't like me but that's another story lol)...but yeah anyway. I think you are pretty sharp, and I think you might like to know "more" to this whole system and what actually goes on with how society treats animals. Have you ever considered why some animals get love and attention....and well, others don't?

You might REALLY like this speech. It's powerful and amazing. Maybe his passion will trigger something in you to now be a part of the human race who strives to be the example and make things better! ;) Have any questions, I'm also here!