I'm Disgusted With Everyone, Everything, Et Al.

I cannot stand the emphasis on "individuality" now that circulates around our country and gives people an excuse to not care about others. I'm sick and tired of entertainers, football/baseball/basketball, etc. players making zillions of dollars b/c they are "pretty" or "talented" (both of those terms are complete b.s.). I can't find a person to have a relationship, friendship, conversation with b/c everyone I meet is stupid--I'm not just talking about people lacking academic smarts (I can deal with that), but people who are ignorant about life and the way things work. I get tired of explaining simple s**t to grown folks (capitalism, bureaucracy, gov't, child-rearing, et al.). I don't know how to overcome my feelings (or if I should), but I've always been this way. I try to completely exile myself from groups of people if possible; but if that's not possible and I have to interact with others, it has to be short-lived. This is my (current) general attitude about life...

4leafclvr 4leafclvr
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6 Responses Aug 13, 2008

I would not consider myself a misanthrope but I certainly struggle to trust other people. It seems that alot of them are only interested in what's in it for them. It's self absorption, a very uniquely human condition. It is my endeavour to do the opposite of this and shake off the self. I must say there are also good people inhabiting this earth too, they're just generally not as vocal and as pushy as the other guys, so you hear of them less.


You, ma'am, are living my life.

That sounds like a wise decision.

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