Yes, I Confess

I must say that I finally came to terms with it and embraced my misanthropy.  It might be inaccurate to use the term misanthropy, as once I establish bonds with individual humans, they are deeply profound and lovely.  However, those bonds are rare as the majority of humankind I just can't ******* stand. Let's just say I loathe the collective humankind, that which one may refer to as "humanity." I loathe random people I don't even know on the street.  I loathe other people's kids, unless, once again, I truly get to know them and experience them and the experience is positive.  Usually, my experiences with conspecifics are not positive.  And to make matters more complicated, I dislike certain groups of humans significantly more than other groups of humans.  That's not very unusual. In fact, what I am saying is not unusual at all for many humans.  "People suck" is an echo that stretches for miles and miles across the globe, mirrored in different languages several times.

anisagonige anisagonige
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1 Response Feb 23, 2009

I completely disagree with heavyduty1. I too loathe people I don't know. That's because I know what to expect from them. There are filthy vile dogs.

I can suggest a complete stranger is filthy and vile because I know from experience what to expect from them. So I have to protect my feelings. I don't bother them and they are no longer welcome in my life, so they no longer bother me.