So i think i have committed a big mistake, i once had hope that expressing my feelings and thoughts to the people around me (my parents, Family mostly) would make an improvement in how i am feeling. But I soon realized that people are even dumber/blind as they seem to be, when I showed them my texts that I had collected and talked about them, they said that same words, even said that I was mad, and they just tried to convince me that I was wrong and I am a rebellious for no cause. And then nothing changed, they stayed just as static as they were, living their same repetitive and meaningless routine. I just cannot understand this, even my dad, who is an intelligent person, because he is a doctor, didn’t understand me. And the ironic way of life is that they are much happier than, me. In fact, ignorance is bliss, and I wish I had never had these ghost thoughts hunting my mind, life could be so much simpler, but the ghosts are there, they have always been.
I even posted this video:, talking about society slavery and alienation on my facebook and said that this is the resume of my life, but as expected, nothing changed and they just said that I was having bad thoughts and I should stop having them (wish I could). And as ironic as it seems, my mom said that I was being easily influenced by everything I read or see. I remained mute, but I just cannot believe in what point this have got. It’s ME who am being influenced, manipulated, and alienated? Is it really ME? I think there’s something very wrong with this, I just cannot understand, really.
Well, I guess I will have to live with it for the rest of my life, locking it into my mind and pretending that everything is fine, I am gonna seek for interior peace, that’s the best I can do for my life.
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majority's very easy to live selfishly with one cause..

I didn't understand, do u agree or not with me?

yeah i agree

thank you, i am not alone with this!

you are not alone...there are many other's like you who feel the same way.
but time will pass and change will come to you and your surrounding..

Is this last sentence a good or bad point? (The change in our surroundings)

noone knows for sure...but change is obvious
i only see the dark side?people say that...maybe because i never seen nor had the pleasure to see the .....bright is shht...because we deny to get in the line

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