Honestly, I can't stand humans/people. I can relate just fine. I'm not socially awkward, nor 'bad' looking. I just literally can't stand humans, I don't even like humans... Everyone wants to be accepted and liked. I don't even like the experience of being a human! It seems like a ridiculous illusion to me.. I have a high IQ but I also drink and do allot of drugs. I don't care about the thoughts nor opinions of others because of our temporary state of our existence as a humans, and my pantheistic beliefs. I just wish people didn't seem so one-dimensional. Even the lunatics seem "cookie-cutter" after you get to know enough of them. Really, originality is all I want; instead I feel like the world is a little room in hell created specifically for me to suffer. I only joined this thing so I can express the thoughts that I can't express to people I know. I'd like to know your thoughts.... All I see i people caught up in this place, like a rat maze but I feel like I'm already beyond it. Am I judging too quickly? ..because I've experienced and lived allot, I still don't feel like this world means jack.
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i agree with you. felt like that my whole life actually, searching for originality where it is incapable of being found. as a kid i was very fond of the idea that everyone was the same, and that i was following the footsteps of a kid that was already where i was. what else is there to us, we live our life like the next person, thinking the same thoughts, doing the same stuff like the next person. the thing is is that i don't like the 'next person', i don't even like myself, yet i am all that there is(symbolizing humanity). humans aren't genuine. they don't care for none but themselves, even when they act as if they do. like you, i would be considered to have an high IQ, and generally good-looking. but i think that IQ is a lie, and that looks are simply ideas that people fall in love with, instead of the actual person. i think that those with higher IQ simply know that they know nothing, and that there may actually be nothing to know. all of the advancements that man has made are nothing more than mere ideas. just their own ways of trying to understand something that is inconceivable of understanding. and looks just cover up who is inside, and yet that is what people typically like. i don't like people. i like the ideas that some have, i love ideas. but people, along with reality, i think is all fake. delusional concepts that we've made up in order to feel meaningful. a world made of lies that no one tends to see, but those that do, are dubbed crazy or depressed. sometimes i think that psychosis is more beautiful than 'sanity', because they are experiencing a fabrication like i believe we also do, but at least they get to escape ours momentarily. i don't know man, life is crazy, or the its illusion is at least, and humans, suck. we just live our lives enslaved to ourselves, enslaved to something that isn't even real, but never liberated by the tools of which we own, our minds. if we ever used them...

If we stick to the same way of thinking we become stale and stagnant.
Life is not the same for each one – we each have different filters.
We do attract to us – how we think.
As long you take your daily thoughts as just that – that is they are not the truth of all of life – but just thoughts.
The most important person to you – is you. Then get on with you and others will be comfortable with you.
If you strongly react to how others are – then you have a corresponding accord within you. We all are mirrors of one another.
Quote for you:
Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision, for the limits of the world. Arthur Schopenhauer