Here I am back from another programmed day like all the others, doing the same things people do. But the worst of all is that I realized I am conforming to this kind of life. And you know why? Because it’s easier to live like this, accepting everything impost to you, questioning anything and living the same generic human life, instead of being rebellious, trying to fight against this, trying to change anything. I realized that my struggle is meaningless and won’t change anything about this; I will just have to accept this kind of life and do the things as they say. I am not saying I will become like them, I am just going to accept their way of life, doing things as a robot and silencing my old thoughts. After all, I don’t even know what I am fighting for, what do I want more from life? I am so confused, but life is a big controversy anyway, isn’t it? “I know that I know nothing” is a good phase to exemplify this, maybe I just became “Comfortably Numb”.
DiegoSMarinho DiegoSMarinho
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 29, 2014

life is mostly just a game, and an illusion combined. most, if not all, are clearly deceived by the game, and are even unconsciously attentive to the rules. everyone is the same. there is no escaping that. you are me, separately. individuality is an illusion, as of personality and any other idea or concept that you've been fed by society. there is nothing for anyone to actually be, yet people still strive to become a delusional abstraction. the only way you could ever truly be different, is to know that you are not. to be aware of these things, that everything that you've ever known of wasn't anymore than a simple idea. that is one of the many ways that one can liberate themselves. is to break all of the former biased ideas that you've been taught in your small, ethereal reality, and see life for what it is. which is mostly subjective lies, and a dysfunctional, most likely, fake, material world.

Clearly you are more pessimistic than me. I do think there are differences between people, or do you think Einstein was just like most of people? Of course not, he pushed physics to another level, while most people don’t make any difference in the world. So yes, I agree that 95% are very much the same, because they don’t have real different thoughts, they just move on with their lives doing the same things everybody do, and don’t have a real evolution in life. It seems that they were born to fit this society, thinking they understand everything and there’s nothing wrong. Although society tries to make everyone equal (as the movie the wall (Pink Floyd), when the kids with masks fall into a machine that triturates them and forms a big mass, which means they are all the same), I do think there are differences between us, or maybe I am wrong and will think the same way of you as years passes by.