Yes I Hate

And yes, by society I am considered a sociopath .I am 18, and to this day I have not met one person yet that I do not hate. I even hate my family. I sit back quiet and cold observing humans for their flaws. Their repugnant society. I fully reject society. In a few months I plan on leaving everything and traveling on foot around the country. I figure it will be the best way for me to get away from people. I’ve come close to self termination just to get away from people because I can’t stand them so much. I stood at the banks of the icy waters of the Delaware River, wanting to dive in and let hypothermia take me away and to part my spirit from this humanist physical world. I hate people for what they do to this planet and not even care. People don't even relies moeing the lawn is destroying food and shelter for several species. And for what, to have what society thinks is nice looking. I refuse to eat animal products or meat. I do not support the insanity of farming life. People are so evil. I quote from my book “To kill for anything else other then survival is insanity. To kill for survival is well…nature. People eating meat and animal products everyday is pure insanity. If I can go 5 years with out it people can go a day. But it just taste too good to give up I hear from people. What selfish gluttony.    I hate people for everything, the need for fashion, the need for fitting in, its laws, school, and people feeling the need to go to college and get a good job. When people talk they seem mentally retarded to me. I spend most of my time astral projecting just to get away. I wish I could find a girl that is not retarded. Of course I yurn for fenamin affection. That’s nature. But I refuse to have sex because I feel that it would be despiteful for me to accidentally impregnate a societal creation with my seed.  I have written three books so far. The first one is actually daily journal of my life. But I hope it will be published at some point. Maybe it will give in incite to society, in side the misanthropes mind. Another book is based on global destruction and genocide. And the other is on my philosiphies.


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3 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Hey the current administration in Washington is just flat covered up
with people like you. Many Global leaders also share your hatred for
all mankind and want to wipe out the entire human race, (except
themselves of course). Prince Philip of England stated when he dies
he wants to come back as a deadly virus that would kill millions. Ted
Turner says all but 500K people on Earth need to die. Your beliefs
have been shared by many famous men. Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler,
Mao Zedong and Pol Pot murdered hundreds of millions. Now you
could get a job operating remote drones from an easy chair that
fly over and blow up thousands of women and kids at your command.
Your outlook on humanity is the wave of the future. (You poor soul).

I agree with you that too many people are slaves to the idea of going to college to get a good job.

I envy you for being able to speak so freely about your feelings. I usually am hiding the fact that I am repulsed by humanity. Makes for a ****** life. I had also thought about traveling about to escape society. I guess my anxiety holds me back from that. Regardless, good luck on your journey and stay safe on the road if that's what you end up doing...lots of crazy *** people out there.