Became Open Of Myself

For the past few years I have known that I have a strong hate for humanity and all it stands for. But I have kept it secret from the group of people I would consider friends all this time as there was a part of me that still felt connections. Now that I despised. With a passion. So I managwed to over time make my misanthrope side strong enough to be the entire of me and decided to show my "friends" who I am.

Not pleased. They were not happy one bit. But I guess that has something to do with my need to play them. I love watching people scratching at them selves with their problems and their emotions. Oh god do I love it so. So I played my friends emotions one by one and enjoyed the humour of them being human all they want.

If I have to say one more thing about myself is that I also still hate myself. Just knowing that I'm human causes me to strongly hate myself aswell.

Thats it really.

DoubleB DoubleB
18-21, M
Mar 2, 2010