Product Of A Lie

It never use to bother me... but lately the more i think about it the more i realize that i was an accident. I wasnt really "wanted". Long story short my dad lied to my mom about getting a vasectomy and she got pregnant. she didnt even know until after she got her Depo shot, because they give you a birth test or whatever.My mom had already had my two brothers and my sister and wanted one more girl but had a miscarriage(it was a girl), so... she decided she was done having kids. Hence why my dad was supposed to get "fixed".

Until i came along i guess. Courtesy of my dad. -__- My mom doesnt believe in abortion so...i was born.

Product of a Lie :D Thinking about it, i wouldnt even be born if my mom hadnt miscarried... (she was planning on having her tubes tied after the last baby was born) sometimes i wonder if it  would have been better if she hadnt of miscarried, maybe that other girl would have been a better daughter.
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sweet love about 99 out of 100 people in the world are not planed,,so dont think your in that boat alone,,