I was never meant to be born, i'm just absolutely worthless, if i commit suicide most wouldn't care, and the people who care would probably say or think "i'm so glad he's gone now" or "hey, our punching bag is gone, pah! He was worthless anyway!" If i ended my life right here, right now, i would finally be doing something good, i'll finally be doing the world a favour, in fact i'll go kill myself right now. If there is a heaven then i won't be going there, if there's a hell then that is where i'll be residing. If death just means i won't be here then thats ok, it's for the best. Goodbye love! I'm sorry, i'm such a worthless piece of ****. I really am.
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16-17, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

its a mistake to think that dying is the answer to your problem. you need help. Not getting or taking help will cause more damage to your mind. please get some help. i would never think glad hes gone.