Suspicious Reviews...

As of writing this, I have 11 apps published in the Google Play store. Some are very popular, others aren't so popular. My most popular app is for a particular classifieds website and it has a few competitors. There are other people who have created similar apps for the same classifieds website, but mine seems to be the most popular and also has more features (like the ability to post ads rather than just browse ads, and also users can login and remain logged in everytime they open the app) and faster loading times.

I have had some great reviews so far. A lot of 5 and 4 star reviews. However, overnight I have all of a sudden gotten a bunch of 1 star reviews, all within a couple hours. Every review pretty much says the same thing "Slow loading times and the ads are annoying" Now, I have tested the app extensively. I have tested it myself on multiple devices, I have had both friends and strangers test it for me and have had absolutely no issues with the loading times, they are quite fast. As for the ads, I do have a few banner ads on the app, which are not intrusive at all. They are displayed right down the bottom of the app and you only see them when you scroll down to the bottom. They don't cause the app to load any slower and I have given a warning in my app store listing, saying "This app is supported by banner ads, I have tried to keep them as non-intrusive as possible and kept them down the bottom of the app" They are banner ads only, no pop-ups, no push notifications, just a few small banners down the bottom of the app. I honestly can't see how they could be annoying at all, since you don't actually see them while you are using the app. You only see them when you scroll to the bottom to read the footer of the app, and the developer info.

I could be being paranoid here, but I think it could be one of my competitors who is making the reviews, although I can't be sure. The Google Play store has recently started this thing where if you write a review, your Google+ account will be linked to it. I looked at these Google+ accounts and they have all been created within the last few days. Each account has a different username, but no photo, except for one. I find that suspicious.

I checked my app today, and there was nothing wrong with the loading times, they were quite fast. I don't understand why they would say that the loading times take so long. I have only checked the app on 2 devices, but I have tested the app before on other devices and there were no problems at all.

I could be wrong, these could be genuine reviews but I feel like one of my competitors is being dodgy, which ****** me off because I wouldn't do it to them. If they happened to make a better app than mine, it would make me want to improve my app, not sabotage theirs. Rude, rude, rude!
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

that sucks I will go create a good review for it! get everyone you know to post reviews :) whoever is doing that is real immature... But in todays society shady dealings are rewarded often......