But It Is My Big Secret

Besides the usual Senior pic thing, I have modeled for two different photographers. The first was something my friend talked me into. It was just a gal who charged to do like profile pics and that sort of thing. She had all these poses and backdrops that just weren't me and I didn't really like the pictures.

Then a photographer contacted me because I posted a blog entry about my experience with the first photographer. He has a website and I liked his work so we agreed to meet in downtown Portland and just do what he called a walk-about shoot. What we did was wander around downtown and find cool places to pose and be creative. I loved the whole feeling of being the focus of attention. He was also very cool. The way he had me pose and the ideas he came up with just felt natural too.

We ended the day by having lunch and just chatting. If it had stopped right there, I probably would have posted some of the pics he took and that would have been that. But during lunch he asked if I liked what we did, and I said yes. Then he asked if I had ever considered modeling lingerie, or implied nudity or even nude. I said no but asked what that would mean. To make a long story short, he explained if I was willing to give it a try, I could possibly make some extra money modeling.

Two days later I model in my underwear. Then we did some implied stuff which is where I was naked but in the pictures my nipples and genitals were covered by position or pillows, etc. It felt even better to be modeling this way - the total focus was on me. We broke for lunch and during lunch discussed what the next step might be, posing with my breasts exposed or even with everything showing.

I decided to try the topless, and then within an hour went all the way. My photographer sells custom pictures to private individuals, not website stuff. He showed some of our work to his customers and got several requests. Within two days I was posing again, this time in some pretty explicit ways per the requests.

I have done over 30 shoots with him so far. I only model for him and pretty much have no limits on how I pose. I am making more money in four hours of modeling than I can make working a minimum wage job for a week.

Of course, I haven't told anyone I do it. It is my biggest secret. And I want to tell someone so here it is :)

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It's so great to be paid for doing something you love to do.

Enjoy it a little? Happy enough? If so; I'm happy for you. Everyone should get some enjoyment from their work, the more the better.

You certainly seem as though you are enjoying yourself, but you really do need to think about what will happen when someone you know sees your photos.

I always thought no one would see mine, but how wrong was I!

I guess being a guy you could say it makes it worse as female nudity is more common, but I can tell you it wasn't fun, especially due to the type of photos I have posed for.

Be more careful next time makes all the difference who you pose for. .really it does

are you really happy of your self...???<br />
money is not everything....

ya know, i am so tired of people assuming that women in the adult biz are unhappy or desperate or some sort.

When you're surrounded by idiots you can sometimes hear some of the stupidest things. ..

Really .....???But i was ot assuming anything,,,,just asking..:P

It's not always for the money. ..

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thats a great story! <br />
<br />
<br />
im trying my luck now,<br />
pls vote me on www.thecovermodel.com (KJ) if u register let me know and i will vote for you!

That is an interesting "secret life." Do you ever go nude in any other setting, such as a nude beach?

I am impressed. Keep it up and enjoy yourself.

love this...i wish my old bod would attract clients...lol

All of my friends are older than me, all of my boy friends so far have been older too. What other things do you want to know?

You are full of surprises! I'm reading your article and keep thinking the next thing your gonna say is "Get away from me you creep." So what are some of the other things we should know about you? You don't happen to like older guys do you?

It really is a second life. The other cool benefit is that my photographer doesn't know any of the people in my life except by what I tell him. He is also a very good listener and loves to just chat with me before, during, and after our shoots. He also takes me shopping for clothing to use in the pictures that have specific requirements. It's great and so over-the-top insane that even if someone I knew saw a picture they wouldn't believe it was really me.

Almost like a "Second life" only better :)

Yeah it is. I get to hear about the guys that order them from my photographer. It is kind of weird but also cool. It is truely a strange thing. But oh so fun and no one I know in real life even has a clue.

It must be a thrill to kno that nude pics of you might be spread to other persons, both unknown and perhaps known.

They should have a VS equivalent for shorter. I really like shorter women for some reason. Like between 4'8 - 5'4. I'm 5'10 btw :P

No I am too short and too small for the VS magazine

Wow! So when will I see you in the Victoria Secrets mag? Not that I ummm...actually look at the magazine but I'm just saying...

Well, the pictures are not posted online. There is a site that requires a password that some of my photographer's clients can see, but it isn't open to the public. So it should stay a secret for a long time I think.

how big of a secret is it, pictures are not secret. dont you think someone you know will happen upon them one day.