Beautiful On The Inside....

UPDATE 19 January: I contacted Angel Sinclair from "Models of Diversity" today. I'm hopeful.

I was a lingerie/BDSM model for a US based disability model site when I was a UK size 12 (I had a carer that overfed me, I enjoyed curves but my bones hurt) in 2001. I am 162.5cm (5'4") with my mum's figure and striking smile and eyes, killer cheekbones and legs to heaven. I earned money on selling photo sets and wasn't the most popular model but I did feel happy. I am back down to my natural size 8 now and would love to get back into it. Somebody call Gok Wan...

My mother did fashion shoots and runway as a teen in the mid 70s. She's 177cm (5'10") and was a size 8. People adored for her natural slender figure and amazing legs. She was not "famous" but she was admired and I wish she could see her beauty now.

Not all models are ugly on the inside.
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Your right, but where are they? My body is made kind of funny, but I appreciate my curves, and my boobs aren't going anywhere. Lol. But I appreciate your input. thanks.

Wow! I would love to do commercial modeling, any suggestions on where to start?

I think you should only call agencies that are open minded and not the stereotypical high fashion places.