Thinking About It

Well i never tought of being a model, cause i didnt tought i had what it takes. I just always tought that i didnt had the face and body for it. But now i just hear more and more people say that i could be one. And i am thinking of trying it. I am still styding, maybe i can do it next to my study. I like the idea of wearing unique clothes and specially made for a perfect fit...

peonyrose peonyrose
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6 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Or you could learn to spell.

come on do it!<br />
<br />
im trying my luck now,<br />
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You should watch America's Next Top Model. You can learn all the techniques and advice for modelling. You could go on and search for a cycle of ANTM and actually learn a lot. You should practice applying makeup, your runway walk, facial ex<x>pressions and a variety of poses and maybe do some photoshoots with your friends. This will help you know for sure if you want to really be a model. You have to know that the modelling industry is very competitive so you have to have the passion and the ability to accomplish everything that is expected from a model. There will be a lot of pressure on maintaining the desired appearance of a model. So, once you make your decision you will have to be committed and be able to handle all the negative criticism that'll come your way. So, yes, I suggest you watch ANTM or CNTM or BNTM and learn all that you can before you undergo your decision. Best of luck!!!

Thanks for your advice! I wil send some pictures to a agencie. Its to bad that i dont live in NYC, or els i would pass every day that office haha;) Are you a model now?

yeh maybe, would be awesome. but i would love it more if i get famous cause of the work i do. and that the talent is were people come back for..

then maybe i'll see you one day on t.v. walking the ramp in new york or some other fashion show!!