I Am A Moderator For Another Site

hi i am a moderator from another site and i must say i am surprised by at times by what i read on here or the amount of younger teens that are lieing about they age dont get me wrong we have it on are site too and we are trying too stop it for the teens protection it is not ez to stop but we do try the prob is that the teens alot of time wont to chat with the adults and some times that ant a bad thing but you must keep in mind at all time that there are people out there that are there seek out young childern and teens for sex reason and they too need too be stopt and it is my job to watch out for the young and the teen you must remind them at all time to be safe and keep it safe as well
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it happens all too often on the website.. I can not believe how many predators are on here.. a lot are very easy to pick out.. some are not. The other problem is that an adult can just as easily sign up on here as a teen, under 18 and get to see the profiles of everyone under 18 and talk to them.. that is a very dangerous thing imo, and seems to happen all too often

you are right there my friend and thank you for the comment on the post

We have a few here I know from other sites, which are why I watch certain groups that they are members of.

hi rickibrat2 it is nice to have a coment from you i am honord by it and i am glad you watch out for otheres on here too