I Want To Study Religion, But I May Not Be Able To

I know very well that I want to study world religions. I have started with Christianity, Buddhism, and Wicca. This doesn't settle well with my mother (her being raised as a Catholic). She knows that, spiritually, I have connected with the Wiccan way of life and thinking. My mother is the type of person who still believes Wiccans are against the Christian God and that Wiccans are evil. Yes, I know -complete nonsense. Though I have not declared I want to live the Wiccan lifestyle, she gets very upset when I bring up my desired career.
Please, can someone give me some advice?
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Take what you need from them all. Each have good moral stories and obvious exaggerations. What you need changes periodically so keep learning! That you are studying all theological ideas is a step in the right direction. Sooo many around me have never considered other ways of thinking. Its funny to see people who think their way is correct and every one else lost. As for your mom. Arm yourself with knowledge! I would not take the opposite side of the argument,rather discuss Christian and or Wiccan ideas. Easier said than done. I know since nothing gets one heated up so, as discussing religion. Consider it practice for staying calm while talking about heated topics with others.

It may be a difficult path to follow, but I always say follow your heart and your passion. If you do, your career and your life will be rich and rewarding, When you talk to your Mom, don't be too emotional. Give her things to read, factual information about Wicca, and give her some time. I wish you the best of luck. I'm sure you realize, this won't be easy. :)

Thanks you very much :) I have tried in the past to show her that they are not what she thinks they are. As you said, it will not be easy. However, she only gets more upset when I try to support my side of the argument with facts, she hates that I try to study it. Even though I've been researching TONS of religions from ALL around the world, she just so happens to hate the religion I connect the most with. Tough luck, I guess.

It is such a beautiful religion to study and one that is so misunderstood. It is tough luck, which is a nice way of saying the situation sucks! I believe you will persevere and perhaps ultimately, maybe, change the way your Mom sees Wicca . . . or not. Don't lose hope, and I mean this with ever cell in my body, follow your heart.
An important older woman always told me, "when your on the right path, invisible hands will come to guide you". Good Luck!

I can't thank you enough for your support; I've not received it from anyone else, ever! I really do hope that some day I will have opened her eyes. It truly is a beautiful religion that, as you said, is still so misunderstood. Until then, I can only try. Again, thank you so very much!

my pleasure!

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